From a Blank Slate to Great- Your Backyard

If you are new to purchasing a home or maybe just new to creating an outdoor space, don’t be dismayed.  You may see thousands of beautiful yards in your own neighborhood or thousands of Pins on Pinterest that make you desire a beautiful backyard. But there are small steps you can take to arise at the overall beauty you see in these outdoor spaces.



One of the first things you should consider the climate in which you live. Each location has a different set of possibilities, a climate never limits you from having a beautiful outdoor space! If you live where the temperatures are comfortable enough to spend nearly every day outdoors – then create a second outdoor living room.  This allows you to take advantage of the beautiful whether. What if you live in a climate where you are only able to use your outdoor space for certain seasons? Then you should consider options that allow the backyard space to look beautiful from both outdoors and from the windows inside you home so you can still enjoy it year round!

Outdoor Seating

For those that live in a climate that is warm enough to enjoy year round, a great place to start is with seating options.  The outdoors is a great way to expand the indoors when you live in a climate like this.  Finding the perfect seating options should start with how you expect to use the space.  Do you love to read? Find a great reclining chair with some soft padding that will allow you to go outdoors with a nice glass of wine and a good book after a hard days work.  Do you entertain a lot?  Look for seating options that coordinate side tables and a center coffee table so you have places to set hors d’oeuvres when you have company visiting.

ft_277__26994-1441725769-1280-1280Backyard Accents

Once you have seating options, you can then easily choose additional outdoor decor that will compliment the new space.  If you want to keep it simple, consider adding a few planters of different sizes together in one corner.  When planted, at different levels, these planters will add a wow factor without creating an overdone look. Adding a fountain is always a great choice because it is not only visually appealing, but it also adds serene sounds of water dancing that you will love to de-stress you while you are reading your book or will create a beautiful background noise as you entertain.

Create a Focal Point

For those that have seasonal whether, creating the perfect outdoor space can also center around outdoor furniture. But it should also include decor that can be used year round (we doubt you’ll want to sit on your patio furniture when its below freezing!). For your outdoor locations, planters are a great option for a focal point.  Planters can be used in so many ways than just being planted with flowers and greens during the spring and summer. During the holidays, planters are a great way to bring the seasonal decor into your spaces.  Forget about poinsettias in a plastic pot. Put them into your beautiful cast stone planters out back so you can enjoy their beautiful coloring from indoors.  Use evergreens and holidays lights to make the planters become a beautiful part of seasonal decor.  Lights come in all different colors and sizes and can easily turn a dull outdoor space into a beautiful oasis.

An empty backyard can be something you dread to look at, but you can easily take drab to fab with adding a few key elements!
By: Susan Soler of the Team