What to Get the Avid Gardener

Whether your shopping for Mom or Dad, or a friends’ birthday, it’s no denying that picking the right gift for someone that has everything can be a daunting task. This is also true for a gardener that has every tool imaginable!

You’d like to give them a gift they’ll truly use and enjoy, but you don’t want to give anything away that may spoil their birthday surprise. Well, we’ve got thoughtful gift ideas that any gardener would love. Here are 10 unique gift items perfect for the gardener that has everything.

Unique Garden Tools & Homes

Solitary Bee Nester- Since bees are natural pollinators this item will be perfect to attract them to your garden to help give your garden the right source of pollination that it needs. You can buy a bee house attractant that will go perfectly with this Bee Nester.

Palram Hybrid Greenhouse – Did you know Amazon is selling houses? Yes, Amazon is truly amazing, but what’s even more amazing is that you can buy someone a Greenhouse that can be put together easily right in their backyard. How many friends can say that their greenhouse was a gift? Not many. This Hybrid Greenhouse has double-walled polycarbonate to help block too much sun but the sides allow up to 90 percent of sun to penetrate.

Deluxe Outdoor Boot Scraper – Any gardener knows dry, dirty shoes comes with planting. What a great friend you are because when you buy them a boot scraper your gardening friend can clean her crocks or boots easily. This outdoor boot scraper can be mounted anywhere you choose. Want to really surprise them – install it for them!My Heart is in the Garden Birdbath – What better way to show your friend that you care about their garden than to give them a piece of your heart to put in theirs.  This unique heart-shaped birdbath is the perfect gift for any garden lover because it has a beautiful inscription on the base that explains just how much they care. But be careful, giving a gift this thoughtful may result in long-lasting hugs and tears of joy.

Gift Giving for the Funky Gardener

Garden Genie Glovers with claws for diggingYou might look like a wolverine with these gloves on but they truly work magic. Purchase this for your favorite gardener and you’ll see a smile light up on their face. These gloves contain four, built in durable plastic claws on each hand making it easy to dig and plant without the use of hand tools. They are waterproof, breathable, easy to clean and a must buy for any gardener.

Funky Veg Kit Gift BoxGet your gardener something funky. This Funky Veg Kit comes with not your average seeds. Get them planting something wild and fun with this kit. They have purple carrots, yellow courgettes, striped tomatoes, red Brussels sprouts, and multi-colored swiss chard seeds. This kit comes with everything they need to start growing.

Ginsco 25pcs Butterfly Stakes – These beautiful colorful butterflies can be used as decoration for your potted plants or even use for Christmas trees. The wings can be pushed open or shut for different displays. These are made from metal and plastic. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Give the Gift of Organization

Clean-up Canvas Tarp with HandlesAny gardener would thank you from the bottom of their heart if you got them this tarp. The cleanup tarp makes any clean up in your yard a piece of cake. It has interlocking rubber handles for hauling leaves, grass clippings or any other debris.  Include a bottle of wine and you’ve given the perfect gift.

Wheelbarrow Organization ShelfLastly, what gardener wouldn’t want to be extra organized as they plant their flowers? The more organized less mess, right! Therefore, make sure to gift them a wheelbarrow organizer to help carry all of their essentials in a single trip. It comes with a built-in drink coaster, phone compartment and small/long-handled tools to secure in place.

Light Green Large Ranch with Suet  -Your garden friend will love this gift. Your friend won’t have to worry about replacing the bird seeds with this feeder for a while. The Light Green Large Ranch with Suet is like no other kind of bird feeder. It has 3 pounds of seed along with 2 suet cakes, one on each side. It also features a removable galvanized screen at the bottom. And the best part about this incredible bird feeder is that it’s constructed 90% recycled plastic. Not only will they enjoy beautiful birds in their backyard but it will also give you peace of mind that you helped them protect the environment as well.

There’s no need to dread getting the perfect gift. If you get frustrated you can always take a look at this list. We guarantee they don’t have at least one item on this list. Feel confident about the gift that you chose and don’t hesitate to throw in an oddball. Remember when it comes to gift giving it’s the thought that counts!