Wall Water Features & Fountains – Are they what you’re missing?

Deciding what type of fountain to purchase can be one of the largest decisions you will make for your landscape decor.  The addition of a water fountain or features can add many position enhancements to an outdoor area.  We often find that many people are searching for the perfect fountain to block of unwanted road noise,  block an unsightly view, or are just looking for the perfect way to add a sense of serenity and calm to their garden oasis. Wall Water Fountains can often be the perfect choice.

Today, many people live in areas in which their back, and even sometimes front, yards are fenced in.  This can lead to an unsightly boring view day after day.  One of the best ways to add an enhancement into an area like this is the addition of a water feature.  Placing a larger fountain such as the Andalusia fountain against a boring fence not only allows you to add the perfect pop of color, it is available for ordering in twelve diferent patinas, but it also brings the soothing sound of water dancing into the  basin.  This large fountain will cover many unsightly views you would love to hide with its span at the widest point of 56 inches wide and 55 inches tall at the top point. One of the added benefits of the Andalusia Fountain is that it comes with an egglight that connects into the pump.  This egglight will illuminate your fountain at night so you can catch a quick glance from your kitchen window and simply smile at the serenity.  Fountains such as these are also wonderful features to add to an area where you throw many parties are gatherings.

Another wonderful option in Wall Water Features are taller water fountains such as the Echo fountain, sleek and simple, fountains such as this make an excellent addition to the entrance of your beautiful garden, or an added feature to a front uncovered patio. It is important to note that the longer the distance water falls, and the larger the spout, the increase you will hear in the water flow.

If you are lacking space on the ground to place a fountain, a great alternative is a hanging wall fountain.  Composed out of many different materials, hanging wall fountains have the advantage of maximizing your walking space while still enjoying the serene water dance. Our lightweight fountains are a great choice for flexibility with moving them around and bringing them indoors for freezing temperatures.  Many of our customers love the Cambridge Wall Fountain for its rustic, English charm and that it is simple and easy to use.  Simply un-box, hook up the pump, add water, plug in, and enjoy!

Overall, water features are a wonderful choice and we know that you will find the perfect wall fountain when you visit us!
By: Susan Soler of the Garden-Fountains.com Team