Using Small Fountains Indoors, the Benefits

Water is a soothing and wonderful addition to any setting, indoors or outside. Water fountains don’t need to be obtrusive; in fact, there are small water features that make delightful decoration for your home or patio setting. They are small and discreet, but create a lovely sound and add a perfect touch of style. A small fountain offers many benefits making it a perfect choice for your home, patio, office, or as a gift!

Tabletop Fountains

Small Fountains
Equinox Tabletop Fountain

Small fountains, when used in the home, make great decorative features, perfect for filling in an empty space with an extra special touch! These fountains are also often referred to as tabletop fountains. Small fountains typically come already assembled, and all that needs done is plugging them in. These will not take up a lot of space, but will add a comforting feature to your setting. They are lightweight, and can be easily moved if you are unhappy with their location. They are superb choices for end tables or corner tables, giving an extra special accent for any space.

Take Them to Work

Small Water features are also a wonderful option for a work or office space. The best part of a water fountain is the sound they emit. Water has the ability of calming the mind, which is perfect for a stressful work environment. The positive ions emitted from the fountain will certainly have a pleasant effect on everyone in the office space. For a home office, it will ease your client’s minds and give you a clear head to work with. Besides, fountains add moisture to the air, making it easier to breath in a dry office setting. The addition of a fountain to your work space is a creative way to add positivity, calmness, clean the air, and bring a general sense of happiness to work!

Little to No Maintenance

Small Fountains
Photo Frame Tabletop Fountain

A small water feature is easy to maintain. Often all that is involved in making sure it is properly filled with water. Water features do help to collect dust, so every once in a while you should wipe it off and clean in out to remove any debris. You may also want to check and clean the pump as well, just to keep everything running efficiently so the fountain will last for a very long time!

A Variety of Materials

Water features come in many shapes and materials. Whether you choose a stunning cast stone tabletop fountain featuring ornate designs, or a contemporary steel fountain that adds a sleek demeanor to your setting. There are so many designs and colors, that it is quite east to find a style that will both sooth and accentuate your environment!

A water feature has so many wonderful possibilities, and a fountain can go virtually anywhere! Enjoy the beauty and serenity water brings into your home and life, and find  your inner sense of zen and calm right away! By: Susan Soler of the Team