Updating Garden Accents and Decor for the Holidays

Zen Frog with HatChoosing the perfect gift for the holidays is not something that should be taken lightly. Often times, we end up thinking of the same gifts, a blanket, travel mug, or another item on their “wish” list.  This year, its time to get creative and think out of the box!

Adding adorable little holiday accents to a normal garden statue or fountain turn outdoor elements into holiday indoor or outdoor pieces.  Like our cute little zen frog, add a decorative Santa hat atop lawn ornaments like frogs, other animals, or even children.  There is no need to remove them and put them away in the shed until the holidays are over.  Instead, bring them right into your own holiday decor!

Do you have a fountain in your back or front yard that you have drained for the holiday season?  If you live in a climate where you do not need to cover it and take it indoors, consider making it one of the focal points of your holiday decor.  If you live in areas with the holiday staple, an evergreen tree, is no where to be found, use your fountain!  If you have a tiered fountain, string lights around each of the tiers, or add garland to make it a bit more festive.  Tier fountains are great for areas where you can’t grow an evergreen because you can actually decorate the fountain with branches of evergreens, making it look just like a tree! If the water is deep enough in your fountain, consider adding decorative elements like large decorative balls in the water (of course make sure they are large enough that they will just bobble and won’t effect the water flow to the pump of the fountain).  If you drain the water out of your fountain, consider adding LED rope lights that shoot out of the fountain that mimic the look of water flowing to create a creative holiday piece.

For your outdoor planters, you can easily add decorative greens that are often found during the holidays.  Whether they are placed on your patio or back porch, or maybe at the steps of your front door, planters make excellent opportunities for decorating.  Add lights to illuminate your holiday accents and even wrap bases with a red or green ribbon. Consider adding poinsettias to empty planters all around your house.

Indoor fountains can be used in the very same way. Add colorful lights or ornaments inside of the water basins to make them part of your holiday decor.  Indoor planters also work great for planting holiday plants and flowers, wrapping them with ribbons, for an excellent last minute gift for that neighbor that stops over last minute with a present for you.

Bring your garden accents to life during the holiday season for with a few decorative ideas that cost very little!

By: Susan Soler of the Garden-Fountains.com Team