Top Garden Statues for Gift Giving!

Gift giving season is upon us, and finding a unique gift to give that has special meaning, is often difficult to find.  You may find yourself wandering around the local department store, picking up another scarf or maybe even a generic ornament, but its time to have this holiday season be a bit different.  We’ve gathered up some of the top garden statues for giving this holiday season- and reasons why they are sure to be a gift they love!

Ladybug Garden Statue

Ladybugs are often seen as being lucky.  Historically, it is said that farmers were having a difficult time growing crops due to unwanted bugs and pests.  They prayed that their crop issues would be resolved and they were sent beetles that scared away the pests, these beetles are known today as Ladybugs because they had prayed to mother Mary. Let that special someone in your life have the opportunity to enjoy a little lucky in their life with an adorable cast stone garden statue that is small enough to be placed on their desk top of maybe even placed in their very own vegetable garden to scary away pests!  Each time they see this little guy, they are sure to be reminded of how lucky they are to have you in their life!

Everyday stresses, whether it be the holiday season or just an average day lead us all to look for something to take away a bit of the busyness and help us appreciate all that we do have every day.

Totally Zen Frog Garden Statue
Totally Zen

Many of us find solace in yoga or other meditation and prayer methods, for that busy person in your life or maybe a yoga lover, the perfect garden statue is the  Totally Zen Frog.  This adorable little frog sits with his hands formed upon his needs taking a moment away from the stress to relax and simply meditate.  This adorable little statue is sure to be a wonderful reminder to each gift receiver to take a moment and “zen” out.

Medium Madonna Garden Statue
Madonna Garden Statue

A classic Madonna Garden statue also makes a wonderful gift during the holidays.  Many of the loved ones in your life may feel that the addition of a Madonna statue in their garden can give them a wonderful feeling of relaxation and security each and every time their visit their special outdoor space. While we have many different Madonna statues, one of our customer favorites is the Medium Madonna Statue.  The perfect size and price, this statue is sure to make just about everyone on your list so pleased with your selection.


Engravable Heart
Engravable Hearts

Last, but not least, are our selection of personalized garden statues.  While simply picking out a garden statue may intrigue your gift giving nature, you may want to search out something for that special someone that will captivate their heart.  With an engravable garden statue, you can easily make their outdoor or indoor addition something truly close to the heart.  One of our favorites is the engravable heart, after all, everyone likes to know they’re loved!

Make this gift giving season easy- Find something they don’t already have by thinking out of the box (or department store) and into the garden!