Tips to Selecting a Small Garden Fountain

Whether your yard is in the city or countryside, whether it’s large or small, you can find the perfect fountain to help create beauty and serenity in your garden. And if you have a small yard, you will be glad to know that you have lots of options. Here are some of the various choices available in small garden fountains.

Material Choices

Small garden fountains are available in a variety of material types. These include ceramic, stainless steel, cast stone, fiberglass and copper. The type of material you choose for your fountain will depend on what pieces and accessories you already have in your yard. You don’t necessary have to match what you have exactly, but all your decor items should coordinate with each other.

Assorted fountains garden-fountains

Water Options

Not all fountains are the same when it comes to their water features. For one thing, some make more noise than others. The ones with a more prominent sound of flowing water can be ideal for noisy areas in a busy downtown or near streets that have heavy traffic. But something like that might be a bit overbearing in a quiet countryside location or seaside garden. Keep that in mind when choosing your fountain.

Manufacturer Preferences

Small yard fountains are available by numerous manufacturers. You might be aware of certain manufacturers for their quality, style or some other reason.

Price Ranges

Small yard fountains, as is true for any other yard accessory and furnishing, vary in price based on variables such as features and size. Figure out your price range, and stay within that. It’s entirely possible to get a fountain you love in a price range that’s comfortable for you.


As you can imagine, small garden fountains offer various features and benefits. Thoroughly learn about and evaluate the fountains available, and decide which features you absolutely want to have. Decide whether you want a sleek modern style or a whimsical fountain that has bird statues on it. Determine whether you prefer a multi-tiered fountain or one that attaches to a wall. Wall fountains can be especially good choices for people who have pets because pets are less likely to be able to access the water.

Selecting Small Yard Fountains

Once you know what your choices are, you’re ready to narrow down and figure out the perfect small yard fountain for your yard space and preferences.

First, determine exactly where you will place your fountain or fountains and how much space you have. Measure so you have specific, detailed sizes. How much room you have will definitely be a determining factor as you decide which fountain to get.

Also consider your preferences based on the choices available. Do you have a favorite color or style? You might even want to carry over a color theme from the interior of your home into your yard. Consider all the criteria discussed above when deciding which fountain should make its home in your yard. Then see if a fountain is available based on your unique specifications and requirements.

This is an ideal time to year to find and select your small yard fountain, with the spring and summer upon us. Your fountain will provide you many hours of enjoyment not just this year but well into the future.