Tips on Keeping Fountain Water Clear

A fountain is added to a setting for visual, physical, and emotional value. A fountain runs on water, the key to all the beautiful sounds it emits as well as the entertainment it provides. Therefore it is important to keep the water clean, as this prolongs the life of the fountain, as well as allows it perform to its top capabilities. There are a lot of additives and solutions that can be added to your water element to help reduce water fountain maintenance.

Why do fountains need to be cleaned, and what are the things in the water that affect the fountain?

The water that is placed into the fountain, especially if it is tap or city water has minerals and particles that run through it. This creates hard water deposits that are typically not seen in normal conditions. These build ups will appear over time as the fountain runs, creating ugly rings on your fountain. There can be several rings that form because the water level may drop. These rings must be cleaned off periodically to keep the water functioning properly. This is even more important for outdoor fountains where you often do not have the option of using distilled water like you can for indoor fountains. For outdoor fountains, distilled water is much to costly, because these fountains need filled more often because of evaporation. Adding a solution to outdoor garden fountains will help to reduce the buildup, allowing the fountain to be cleaned much less often. These methods can, and should be applied to indoor fountains because often these materials are harder to clean, because they cannot be scrubbed as outdoor fountains can. Scrubbing these materials can harm the clear coatings and finishes on the fountain.

There are two very well known solutions that can be added to fountains. These solutions will help keep hard water deposits away, keep the pump clean, and basically improve the functionality of the fountain. These can be found in many gardening stores, wherever fountains are sold, and can also be ordered online. Protec is a blend of chemicals commonly used that offer protection against mineral buildup and stains. It also works on existing deposits and stains. The instructions are on the bottle, you just add enough solution according to the amount of water. Fountec, on the other hand, is a powerful algaecide and clarifier. It will also work hard to prevent mosquitoes, flies, and wasps in the fountain. Algae are important to control because it causes the water to change color and look murky. Usually this is the best substance for outdoor garden fountains.

It is important to check with the gardening centers and read the instructions on the bottle to see if they are safe for animals. This is especially important for indoor fountains if they are located in a place where pets can drink from them or children can play in them.  These solutions are great ideas for your water features, keeping them clean and prolonging the life of your fountain!
By: Susan Soler of the Team