The Simple Pot is Really That Simple!

Sometimes we find problems in gardening because we can’t find the right planter or know the correct way to care for our plants.  Maybe because of our busy lifestyles such as carting the kids here and there, we may even forget to water our plants. Sure, we love our plants and all that they provide; their simple beauty is just one perk but plants also help to reduce stress, boost moods and increase productivity.  Now, there is a way to be good to your plants within your busy life.

Introducing The Simple Pot. Yes, the name itself describes the product so well because it truly is just that, “simple”.

The Simple Pot is a versatile easy growing indoor/outdoor container and saucer system. Why is it so easy? The Simple Pot uses a special self-watering technique that allows water to flow directly to the root of the plant. Just take a look for yourself.

As you can see the cotton wick sends the water up from the bottom of the bowl into the potted area of the plant. Once you fill the reservoir up using the cup whole on the side of the pot, the wick takes care of the rest.

Check the Reservoir

To make sure the pot has enough water to last the full week, fill the reservoir up completely. Then, check on the pot daily to make sure the water is still filled. If the water is gone, add more water and check on it again in an hour. If the water stays full then no need to add more, and your plant will be good to go for the rest of the week.

Water Only Once A Week

This means you only have to check your plant once a week compared to every other day. Just think of what you will do with all that free time! What’s also great about the Simple Pot is that it comes in a variety of sizes:  1 pint, 1 quart, 3 gallons, and 5 gallons.

Not to mention your Simple Pot can come in your choice of  Nero Nuovo, White, Lead and Natural as shown below.

More Great Features

On top of all these great features, the Simple Pot has multiple drainage/watering options suitable for a wide variety of plant materials. It’s designed to fit standard size grow pots and it’s made in the USA at Campania’s new skinny Crete (a durable, chip-resistant GFRC material). The cost is very affordable, perfect for beginner gardeners or gardeners on a budget. 

Right now you’re probably thinking this product is too good to be true, so if you have to see it for yourself click here to read all about it.

With something this simple, there’s no way you can lose! This planter enables your plants to forgive you for not watering them. And wouldn’t it be nice to sit home and enjoy your plants after a long day of work instead of them guilting you for your neglect? 

It’s that simple, just get the Simple Pot! You won’t be disappointed. 

Happy Planting!