The Power of Water – In the Garden

The best way to dress up a garden setting is the addition of a stunning water feature!  A fountain brings renewal, beauty, and an overall elegance to a landscape. Water features have so many wonderful benefits from cleaning the air, to lovely sounds, to the sheer beauty they exude; these features are perfect for any garden setting!

The obvious benefits to a water feature were mentioned above, but there are so many more benefits that are often overlooked or neglected. One of the best features of a fountain is the fact that they naturally purify and freshen the air around them. They work with the natural humidity in an area, removing bad particles from the air, making it easier to breathe. By emitting moisture into the air, fountains are a wonderful addition to any environment, making it easier to breathe and simply enjoy being outside.

The graceful elegance of a cascading water fountain is certainly a site worth seeing. The falling water creates a stunning picture for any setting, creating feelings of cheerfulness as well as tranquility. People are naturally drawn to the beauty and power of water. This is why thousands of tourists visit places the Niagara Falls or Yellowstone’s Geysers each year. Water provides an excitement that few other elements can compare with. These natural wonders of the world can be recreated on smaller scales in the form of garden fountains. This way that excitement and wonder can be enjoyed each day within the confines of your own home. There are different types of fountains available that are created to mimic these natural features, whether it be a fountain that shoots straight up into the air, or one with a rocky front, that water generously cascades down.

Part of the charm of a water fountain, aside from the beauty of the falling water, is the sound the water makes as it falls. Depending on the height and drop of the water, the fountain may be very loud or can be rather quiet. Depending on the amount of space you have available, you can choose a large tiered model, or a simple table top water feature. The size of the fountain along with the height of the fall of water will determine the sound of the fountain.

Another wonderful element of a water feature is the magic they create as light shines on the water. Not only does the light allow the water to glisten and shimmer, it often creates stunning rainbows in the mists that form from the cascading water. Fountains can transform an ordinary setting into a whimsical and elegant escape from the everyday world. They can turn a backyard into a retreat, a place to find rejuvenation and simply sooth your soul! Fresh and clean water draws humans to it, as it sustains our very beings, so we seek not to be separated for long periods of time. A garden fountain is the perfect addition to any setting to reconnect water into our daily lives in an exciting and beautiful manner.

An ornate courtyard fountain will be a captivating focal point, with a bold cascade of water as well as a enchanting melody. A pedestal fountain will add a charming gracefulness to an otherwise ordinary garden, creating movement and gentle sound to the landscape. A stunning wall fountain will take up little space, but add large style and the soothing sounds of trickling water. Garden Fountains can be used in numerous ways to create graceful garden settings, all accomplishing the same goal, giving your space the many benefits water has to offer!

By: Susan Soler of the Team