The Perfect Indoor Decorating Element: Wall Fountains

Do you have any empty wall with no decoration? Are you unsure what to hang on the wall to add style and charm, as well as interest and appeal? Why not consider a Wall Fountain, more specifically, a horizontal and vertical wall fountain! This is great option for a blank wall, adding depth and beauty, with only a small bit of maintenance!

Horizontal fountain can make a stunning focal point for a wide living room wall, while a vertical fountain is best suited for a tall space, especially if there are vaulted ceilings. This style of fountain is certain to being charm and tranquility to your walls, filling those empty spaces with an effective decoration!

What is the advantage to using an indoor wall fountain as a decorative feature for your empty walls?
The most popular reason is that indoor fountains create a soothing, relaxing, and calm atmosphere for your home. Fountains produce negative ions, and these help to purify the air your family breathes. This is a great solution if anyone if your family suffers from allergies, as well as helps to purify the air from viruses as well. The sound of water is another favorite aspect of a fountain. This sound is a gentle and soothing sound, adding peacefulness for your home environment.

The home is a place to escape the outside world, and the addition of a water feature will allow you to find total comfort in your home. The water will ease your soul and help to erase everyday stressors. Why not add a decorative feature that will refresh and restore you each and every day! Fountains also create a welcoming and friendly accent for any guests you bring into your home, allowing them to feel at ease and comfortable.

Fountains come in many sizes and materials. Some of these materials can be much heavier than others, so be sure your walls can support the weight before you add this feature. It may even be best to consult with an expert and have the fountain installed for you. Copper and slate are popular when it comes to flat wall fountains; these are neutral shades that allow for blending into most established decors. Granite is another material that is truly stunning for a water feature, however it can be heavy.  A more artistic option are the Art Wall Fountains.  Created first on a canvas, these fountains are then covered with a plastic material turning them into the fountains.  The perfect way to choose between a work of art and a fountain, there is no choice! You can have both. The water flow for these fountains is smooth and unobtrusive, allowing for daily activity and enjoyment. These styles will bring an attractive appearance to your walls, and can often be used simply to accentuate a setting, or as the main focal point, depending on your own personal taste!

When it comes to an exciting wall fountain for your empty walls there are so many wonderful advantages to this addition. Besides the soothing aspects, it adds a decorative accent, a healthy bonus in purifying the water, as well as creating a friendly and happy environment for all who spend time in your home.  If you do not have enough room for a wall waterfall fountain, you can still consider other garden type elements such as a wall plaque. These beautiful features can either be used indoors or outdoors. But if you go the water route, make sure you choose a fountain that will work with your style that has a pleasant sound, and will be a constant source of delight to you!
By: Susan Soler of the Team