The Gift of Giving: Tabletop Fountains

Tabletop Fountains for Gifts

Between fall baby showers, weddings, and the occasional birthday or anniversary we are always shopping for a gift for some one. These days, it seems like you end up buying the same meaningless gift time after time, or simply shopping off of the registry.  Well we have a great idea for your next gifting event.  Stop buying those meaningless gifts and find something everyone can benefit from: Tabletop Fountains!

Tabletop fountains are a wonderful choice for just about any gift.  Available in a very large range of materials, from cast stone to fiberglass or ceramic, tabletop fountains fit the bill for just about any budget. With our on-line selection, you are sure to find one that fits just about any taste.  Tabletop fountains are known to have amazing health benefits.  When fountains are placed in an indoor area, they can help add humidity into the room.  This is especially great for those winter months when the heater just seems to run and run, drying out the air in any home. Water fountains are also known to help calm nerves and help people relax as the sounds of an indoor fountain are quite relaxing.

Tabletop fountains are great for new moms who need a moment to stop and relax.  These small versions of garden fountains are not only a beautiful site, but a wonderful gift.  A new mom may not quite understand why she is receiving a tabletop fountain at her baby shower, so include a card explaining all of your well wishes and how she will need to stop and take a moment for herself and you thought the serene sounds of a water fountain would be just the trick. Tabletop fountains also make an excellent choice for a birthday or anniversary gift.  These small tokens of beauty can be just what you are shopping for when you seem to have a man or woman in your life that has everything they could ever want.  A decorative feature that can be enjoyed by the entire family, tabletop fountains are very versatile.  These pieces of art can even be taken into the work place.  When placed onto your husband or best friend’s desktop, these beautiful creations will help them relax and deal with the stresses of everyday work life.

One of the most wonderful features of cast stone tabletop fountain is that they are available in your choice of patina/finish.  This means that once you choose the style for your gift, you can then choose the coloring of the fountain.  If you know your receiver simply loves natural tones, consider a finish like brownstone, which will compliment a home or office with neutral finishes or tones.  Many of our tabletop fountains even have themes, which can make for an easy choice for that special gift. Send a thank you fountain to a loved one for that recent vacation to the beach with the Shell Mini Series Fountain, not only will they enjoy the beautiful sites of the fountain, but they will also be sent right back to the wonderful memories the family made together while vacationing.

Tabletop fountains have a special way of making the perfect gift, no matter who the receiver may be.  Combine a planter together with a mini series fountain to reap all the health benefits in a fountain like the Artifact Mini Series Spa Fountain by Campania International
By: Susan Soler of the Team