The Front Yard Dilemma- How to Create Privacy and Beauty

The front yard can be a difficult place to design, as it is a mixture of the private and the public. Often front yards are left open with little excitement. This can be a detriment to your landscape. Sometimes a private front yard design gives the worry of attracting burglars. This is unfortunate, as many people actually value their privacy, and view their home as their sanctuary, a place to escape the public world, so why should your landscape not be treated in the same manner.

Often when working in the front yard there are interruptions from passer-byers or neighbors that can interrupt your work or relaxation, but if you install a screen in the form of hedge, people often suspect you have something to hide. This is not the case, the desire for privacy should not be blown out of proportion, why should we not enjoy our front yards and feel as secure as we do in our backyards or our homes?Have you ever heard the saying, “Good fences make good neighbors?” This is a very accurate statement. Fences give you and your neighbor’s privacy, with neither feeling obligated to wave or speak to one another, but they can simply enjoy their space. The white cedar tree is a great evergreen that is perfect to create a hedge for your landscape.

When it comes to making your setting private, you still need to consider curb appeal as well. Creating a front yard with any sort of ugly screening is not a good idea, as it will make your home stick out like a sore thumb, and probably upset everyone in your neighborhood as well. It is possible to create a privacy screen that will enhance the overall aesthetic of your front yard, while also giving you the privacy you crave. A living wall of shrubbery is a beautiful accent for this purpose. Fences are also a good way to define the lines of a property. Marking of the boundaries of a property give a complete and finished look. This can be an aesthetically pleasing accent for your setting, and although it has little to do with creating privacy in this case.

In the front yard, even with the hedge border, the driveway will create an opening in the border. If this is the case consider adding a gate for the driveway entrance, otherwise pay close attention to the plantings at this opening. This is the focal point of the entrance to your home, the first impression, so you will want it to be attractive as well as welcoming. Consider adding urns or planters atop pedestals to place plantings to welcome people into your home if a gate is not an option.

A beautiful lawn is often interrupted by a walkway. The layout of the walk is dependent upon its use. It should be a straight path if it leads from the street to the door, but if the desired entrance is a side door, or through a gate to a back yards setting, the path should be more carefully planned, maybe using a winding flagstone walkway, or perhaps stepping stones. Decorative stepping stones can easily give the walkway something special instead of just using normal bricks. The idea is to create a path that will be attractive and not unpleasing to the eyes.

Privacy can be obtained through incorporating many of these techniques, allowing your front yard to be as enjoyable as your back yard. Enjoy having the privacy you seek throughout all of your property!

By: Susan Soler of the Team