The Fountain Search: Types of Outdoor Fountains

Searching for a water feature for your outdoor area can be a very overwhelming tasks. Not knowing what each manufacturer calls a type of fountain can leave you very confused and without making an ultimate decision on what to add to your landscape.  We have gathered together some information on the different types of fountains, so you will be well informed to begin your outdoor garden fountain search!

Tier Fountains:

The first stop on our journey is going to be tier fountains.  The name says it all, these water features will have multiple bowls, urns, or layers upon which water will travel.  These types of fountains can range anywhere from tabletop size up to grand fountains that you were see in the center of malls and hotels.  Tier Outdoor Fountains are a great choice when you are searching for a classic water feature.  The most common among homes and businesses with large outdoor landscapes, Tier fountains add just enough sound to be enjoyable along with a classic look.

Floor Fountains:

You may be asking yourself, floor fountains? What exactly does that mean, well this type of water feature is classified as any feature that must be placed on the ground.  This category can encompass many other types of fountains, but if you are looking for a feature to add to your outdoor patio, garden, or even front yard, you will find many choices within this category.

Waterfall Fountains:

Imagine taking a hike to those beautiful waterfalls and enjoying their sites and sounds, here you will find what a waterfall stands for.  Outdoor Garden fountains that are classified as waterfalls are often larger in size and also magnitude of sound they create.  Waterfalls will not have a quite trickle sound, but rather rushing sounds of flowing water.

Urn Fountains:

Another classic approach to an outdoor water element are urn fountains.  Whether the urn is displayed on the top, or is the entire fountain, urn fountains are another classic approach to  bringing a water feature into your home.  The round curved lines of urn fountains typically create a soothing water sound that is very popular among many homes.

Wall Fountains:

Another popular approach to water fountains is wall fountains.  These fountains can range from lightweight or cast stone hanging features to floor fountains that are designed to be placed up against a wall.  Wall Fountains are a great idea for areas where an empty wall needs to be filled, or as a divider between two areas in the back of a home.  Hanging wall fountains give you the ability to maximize your outdoor space when it is small because the feature will be hung on the wall instead of placed on the ground.

Indoor Fountains:

Indoor fountains are often specially designed to be placed indoors as the materials they are made out of are not able to withstand the harsh temperature changes or outdoor weather elements. Some outdoor fountains can be converted into outdoor fountains, but many indoor fountains are specially designed for indoor use only.  If you are uncertain, you should always confirm with us before purchasing.

Purchasing a fountain for your home can be a big decision, we are here to help you through the process.
By: Susan Soler of the Team