The Enchanting Outdoor Garden Fountain

Creating a backyard escape can be as simple as adding an outdoor fountain to your landscape!  The presence of an outdoor water fountain brings a magical accent to your setting, allowing anyone to get lost is the cascade of falling water mixed with the exquisite sound as it falls from the fountain. The great thing about fountains is that they are no longer for just the wealthy, in face outdoor fountains come in so many different sizes, materials, and shapes that there is one out there for anyone’s budget and setting! Fountains are noticed wherever they are set, so adding one to your landscape will make it noticeable and attractive.

The magnificence of a water feature, often found in public parks, can now be an exciting element for the private home. Just as they bring beauty and a soothing touch to public places all over the world, fountains can add a tranquil and therapeutic touch to your own garden setting. The power of water can do so many things for your health. It has the ability to energize, relax, sooth, inspire, as well as cleanse the air be releasing negative ions. The delightful sounds of the fountain, as water cascades, trickles, pours and flows, brings a characteristic touch to any landscape.

The material of the water fountain can have a big impact on your setting as well. The majority of public fountains is made from stone and features a round design. Many of these feature several layers, or tiers, creating truly enchanting and magical water shows. For the private backyard setting, there are many different options to choose from. A fiberglass fountain is light weight, and often resembles the look of stone, without actually being stone. There are also slate fountains that bring a sleek and smooth natural look into your setting. A stunning cast stone fountain is also a great look for a backyard focal point. These styles come in different forms and shapes and sizes, some rather small, perfect for small patios, while others are grand and large, meant to be the centerpiece of your setting.

A great way to add even more magic to your garden setting is to dress up your outdoor fountain with lighting. External lighting can be easily added to your fountain, some being able to be placed right into the water, while other options include lights that shine on the fountain. Either way, lighting allows the fountain to be used in the evening, after dark. The light creates a shimmer to the water as it falls, allowing it to sparkle and glow. This is a stunning effect, something truly beautiful to behold. Just make sure the lighting you choose is rated for outdoor use, and if it is to be placed in the actual fountain, make sure it is waterproof and can get wet.

The spray of the water will also make a difference in the success of your fountain. Most pumps allow you to set the water flow, allowing for more or less water flow. This is important because it gives you total control over the look of the fountain. The style of the fountain will also affect the overall water flow. Tiered fountains create charming cascades, while a geometric fountain will create unique and abstract water patterns. Be sure to consider this before you choose a fountain style!

These are all helpful hints that will allow your fountain to become a captivating and truly enchanting experience for your landscape! Water features create entrancing focal points, a striking decorative feature that will relax as well as excite!

By: Susan Soler of the Team