The Best Ways to Use Garden Statuary

Add character and a personal touch to your outdoor living spaces with garden statuary. You can use them as a design focal point to draw the eye, or help create a specific atmosphere. To help give your area the feel you desire, consider the following ideas in selecting your items.

s-288-pd-168__23630-1380830290-1280-12801. Less is More

If you’re looking for one specific focal point to function as a piece of art in the garden, give it drama by landscaping the area around it. If the item warrants it, consider using a pedestal to visually raise up a smaller piece. To use the landscape around it, plant shrubs or flowers in a circular or other formal arrangement in the yard, making sure no taller plantings block the view.

2. Pick a Theme

If you are looking to create a personal space to reflect an interest, such as a Zen-style Asian collection, then there are many styles to choose from. Religious themes are abundant, as well as angels and other items to reflect upon. Other ideas can be to create a gnome village with our selection of gnomes, gnome homes, and gnome features. Grouping these garden statuary items together will create an interesting or humorous focal point for all who view it.

s_359_s_357_s_358_s_s361__52505-1380830883-1280-12803. Color Grouping

If you’re looking to collect a number of different items together, then keep the area from looking dis-jointed by choosing statuary that is all from the same company and colors. This will keep your statuary cohesive and not distracting, allowing your eye to rest easily on each piece in the garden but able to still view the area as a whole.

4. Againg Your Statuary

Many concrete and cast stone statues come in different colors or patinas to help give them an aged look in the garden. However, if that isn’t enough or you have an existing piece you wish to create this effect with, here’s how:

Create a moss appearance by mixing together one part clay, one part fresh chopped up moss, one part diluted fish emulsion, and three parts water. This solution can then be painted onto the statues. The moss will stay here, and begin to grow, as the fish emulsion will feed the moss.

5. Personalized or Memorials

Creating a space to honor a loved one can be very rewarding. Think of plants or trees to incorporate that were meaningful to that person, or help you remember them fondly. There are options to create a personally engraved bench or plaque as a memorial. Garden statuary can be selected for a favorite lost pet. Analyze the overall balance of any and all items used in one area to keep it peaceful and restful.


Enjoy the beauty a statuary focal point or scene will bring to your garden setting. These exciting ideas can help give you the garden look that you have been hoping for. Posted by Jean Widner.