Tabletop Water Fountains Are the Perfect Holiday Gift!

The holiday season is approaching and it’s time to start thinking about what to get your family or friends. For those who have to think about gifts for garden lovers consider getting them something that brings the outdoors in. For example, tabletop water fountains can be the perfect holiday gift because they add a certain nature element to your décor, they improve air quality and they are low maintenance. So if you are looking for the perfect garden gift, take a look at our tabletop water fountains your friends will absolutely love.

Small Scandia Fountain in Cream

Our beautiful Scandia Fountain in Cream can sit nicely anywhere in your home. Perfect for a modern or traditional home. Try adding silver, white or gold ornaments in a glass vase to sit next to it to give it that holiday feel. The fountain is made out of ceramic and it comes in various colors. For more information click here.

Rustic Spa Mini Series Fountain with Planter

If you’re looking to add a mini spa to your home than purchase our Rustic Spa Mini Series Fountain with Planter, it truly has just what you need. The fountain lets you add your favorite garden greens or blooms. You can even add a small rock garden if you choose. Place this fountain in your yoga room, living room or even in your office to add that soothing element of flowing water. Click here for more information.

Cara Classica Fountain

The Cara Classica Fountain is a touch of Old World charm perfect for any home. Water bubbles out of the top of this Grecian flair and overflows over the front of the bust. The cast stone tabletop fountain is very unique and adds a wonderful water sound to any space. The Cara fountain stands at 19 inches tall so it’s small enough to fit in just about anywhere. Click here for more information

M-Series Kenzo Tabletop Fountain

This fountain is just what you need to add a little Zen to your life inside your home. The M-Series Kenzo Tabletop Fountain brings the sight and sound of running water that will calm your whole household. The tiered fountain has simple, clean edges and allows for just the right amount of sound as the water splashes over the top tier and into the bottom. Click here for more information.


Need More Tabletop Fountains

So there you have it. No need to search high and low for the perfect gardening gift for your friends or family. If you like what you see but want to know what else we have then click here to take a look at our full tabletop water fountain selection. Remember water fountains that go inside your home improves air quality by cleansing the air, improves quality of life by being a great de-stressor, and is absolutely is low maintenance, water would only require refill every week or two. Happy Shopping!