Solving Fountain Problems: Refilling

You may already have a water feature installed in your back yard, or maybe you are considering one. Once you own a fountain, you sometimes realize that there is some maintenance involved. Most importantly – you have to keep water in the fountain. Letting a fountain run dry can ruin the pump.  Weather conditions, extreme hot weather, or just the type of fountain can affect how often it needs to be refilled. Plus…fountains do splash out their water too!

Refill device Garden-fountainsFinally, a solution is on the market! Campania International has an automatic fountain refill device. Specific, at this point in time, for Campania International fountains, this refill device is available for number 7 stoppers and number 10 stoppers. This refill device is simple to use and install and will make your life much easier! You won’t have to worry about checking on your fountain every few days to make sure that the pump is submersed. If your pump is not completely submersed in water, it can burn out the pump. The fountain refill device works very similar to the float that is often location in a  latrine. The water is judged by the float – when additional water is needed, it is added through the connected garden hose.

Adding the refill device onto your existing fountain is very easy.  The refill device is connected directly through the hole in the basin of each fountain along with the pump cord. The refill device is sealed with putty around the pump cord to ensure a tight seal. Then, the water regulator is attached to your garden house. The hose is used to refill the fountain when necessary. The refill device can then be placed inside of the pump cover on some fountains, but may need to be placed outside of the pump cover door on others.

As natural evaporation or splashing occurs in your fountain, water will be replenished with the use of the refill device. The refill device automatically knows when it should no longer add water to the fountain by the float level.

Adding a fountain, whether it be a wall fountain, tier fountain, or regular outdoor garden fountain can be a wonderful way to add a serene, calming feature to your garden. While many have once thought that it is a cumbersome addition, it no longer is with the addition of the fountain auto refill device.