Small Garden, Big Ideas!

Just because you have a small space, doesn’t mean you can’t have the garden of your dreams. Some of the best designs in the world have been created under great limitations and restrictions. There is something about a small space that just inspires creative designs. However, if you are still pondering various layouts for your mini Versaille, we have 5 tips to help you get started.

Look Up

If your space is not very wide, consider building up instead. There are many ways to plant vertically. You can stack shelves, adding plants that draw the eye up or even add them to the top of your fence and set little planters on each shelf. You can buy a vertical garden that has places for you to set your plants in, as it sits along and adjacent to the wall. Check out our Garden Anywhere Vertical Garden System. This item is perfect for any small garden, including a balcony or patio, since it is light weight.

Use Narrow Planters

Another way to utilize your space is to use every inch of available footage. Which means if you have a window ledge, slimline balcony or walkway, purchase planters that are narrow and that can fit well on a window or siding. For example, our Barn Board Window Box would be perfect to set atop a window ledge or shelf. It can rest adjacent to the wall leaving more walking space for you and your guests.Steps and Ladders

Steps are not just used for walking up and down. Neither are ladders. How many of us have old ladders that we will never use just lingering in our garages? Be creative and put things that may be made for other uses and turn them into garden décor. Get some beautiful planters and put them on your steps or grab that old dusty ladder and arrange them on each platform. This design element brings a certain charm that everyone will love. 

Choose the right plants

This is probably the most important tip of all. You want to make sure you choose plants that go well with your décor, but that are also the right size. If you are dealing with a tiny space, the last thing you want is your plant to grow up to 5 feet tall and spread wildly over the whole space. That could really make your space feel compact! Instead, consider planting flowers or plants that are on the smaller side. Planting dwarf, semi-dwarf or miniature types of veggies or herbs are perfect for smaller spaces.Let It Hang

Last but not least, let it hang. If you are able to hang your plants from the ceiling or maybe attach them to part of your roof outside, then you’ve just landed on a great design technique! This by far will help to make your space feel bigger because it pulls the eye upward. The great thing about hanging plants is that you can arrange for your plant to grow down or you can choose plants that grow up. Either way, it’s going to give a little life to your garden, patio or balcony or porch.

We hope you take these great design tips and use them to transform your small space into your dream garden! However, if you would like more tips you can find additional design ideas here. Ultimately, it’s not about the space, it’s about the gardener’s creativity. Now gardeners, start designing!