Selecting Herbs For Growing

Containers are Great for Growing Herbs Inside or Out!

Herbs are a great addition to your landscape, and they are surprisingly easy to grow. They provide great fragrances, and it can be very rewarding to just cut off fresh herbs for cooking. They can also be dried and stored! Growing your own herbs is great as well as cost effective! You can plant herbs directly into soil, or you can plant them in containers, this way then can be brought indoors, and used year round.  Specifically, our Herb Pots are a great color collection that can easily be placed indoors or out. There are many different herbs available to grow, but this article contains the top choices!

Rosemary is a favorite herb. It has a fantastic fragrance, and can be used fresh or dried. Rosemary, if planted in a container, should be planted alone. Rosemary needs to dry out after each watering, which is not the case with most herbs. Rosemary is a great cooking herb; the aroma is delicious, while the flavor will add wonders to a dish.Thyme is another great easy to grow herb. Thyme is best used in grilling marinade, as well as makes a delicious ingredient in winter stews. Thyme grows low to the ground, making it a wonderful choice for an aromatic ground cover. Consider using Thyme for an edging as it is very hardy! Thyme works just as well as a plant as it does an herb!Sage is a woody and expansive plant. When grown in a container it can become very bushy, and therefore it will need trimmed back regularly. Sage makes a great spice for the kitchen, and it also has medicinal value as well. Sage bears purple flowers making it a beautiful and exciting plant for your garden setting.

Parsley, perhaps the king of herbs, is a great spice for cooking! It is a super herb and can be added to almost any dish that comes out of the kitchen! Parsley is wonderful to plant into a container so it can be used all season long! Parsley is also high in vitamin C, making it a healthy and wonderful spice!Chives are a great perennial herb. When planted chives grows to produce a beautiful flower, making it a nice accessory for your garden. The leaves of the chives are a great cooking tool. They are used in a variety of cuisines. Chives can be used in anything from sandwiches to soups to fish to dips!  These herbs can be used fresh, or they can be frozen and stored.

Another great herb that also makes a delightful ground cover is oregano. Oregano certainly has a wonderful fragrance, and it won’t become invasive and spread. Fresh oregano can be cut and used, or it can be dried and stored. Oregano is used in many Italian cuisines, although it can be used in amny other dishes.Mint is a wonderful accent to your garden setting. Mint is actually best grown in a container as it can easily overgrow and take over an area. It will fill the container all on its own. Mint is great for using in drinks, and its fragrance is wonderful and fresh! Mint is also great for teas as well.Basil, with its aromatic smell and wonderful taste, is an herb that certainly should not be forgotten. This plant can produce wonderful leaves all season long, allowing you to cook with it fresh, or dry and store it. Basil is the main ingredient of pesto, a great Italian sauce!

Growing herbs is a wonderful way to also bring your children into learning to garden.  They will love watching the plants grow and learning out to cook with them!
By: Susan Soler of the Team