Garden Trend: Save Dollars and Your Waist with Fresh Grown Herbs

These days, with so many online and mail options coupons are often the best friend to any family. They allow you to purchase the exact same products for less money than you would regularly pay. There are some items in a store you often will not find coupons for, some of the best food you can buy actually.


Take a moment to think about your favorite food dish, while you may throw in some cheese or sauce, one of the ingredients that makes the meal the best it can be is spices and herbs. Sure, you can buy them in their plastic containers when dry or even sometimes wilted. But you are paying a cost for either sub-par spices or end up throwing them away. But these spices are the one thing that makes your meal.


Think about a time when you’ve been out to eat at a restaurant and had a meal and simply said to yourself “this is missing something”.  We all know that spices can really make or a break a meal, but they’re expensive you say, especially the fresh ones! But using your own outdoor or indoor space can easily help you create some of the best meals and also help you save some money.


Even if you live in an area whether the weather is not ideal outdoors to grow herbs year round, you can easily grow them indoors.  By using small terrace sized pots, or even out special Herb Pots you can easily grow these special plants indoors. We have come up with some of our favorite herbs to grow and some information on how best to grow them.



The first herb we absolutely love is Rosemary. Rosemary can easily be grown indoors but requires direct sunlight and frequent watering.  Place this herb somewhere you will see it every day and smell its beautiful fragrant aroma, like right on the kitchen windowsill.  It will be easy to remember to water it as you see it everyday.



Our next favorite herb to grow indoors and use all year long is basil. Basil gives great flavor and fragrance to any meal.  This herb can easily be grown indoors and only requires watering every other day. It’s great for someone who seems to only remember the plants every now and again.



If you are looking for a challenge, try growing cilantro. Due to its roots, cilantro needs deep soil in order to grow the best so planting indoors may be a bit of a challenge, but we have a feeling you a probably up for it!


Not only will growing your fresh herbs give you some wonderful tasty seasonings for your meals and save you some dollars while doing so, growing your own herbs may help you develop healthier eating habits.  As you start to incorporate fresh vegetables and spices into your foods, their strong smells and flavorful tastes will have you saying goodbye to your microwave meals in no time at all! By: Susan Soler of the Team