Re-Puposing Broken Concrete

We once touched upon recycling or reusing the packing material that kept your lovely fountain safe during shipping. Keeping with this theme, why not consider reusing your broken, chipped, or off color garden accessories? Forgoing the whole “waste not, want not” mentality, consider all of the possibilities presented by what was once high quality, hand-made trash. However, if your statuary were to arrive broken or maybe the grandkids were playing a little too rough and broken one of your garden ornaments  try repurposing them.


The number one rule in repurposing damaged garden accents is “Can it be made usable or is it dangerous to have around children and small animals?” Many manufactures offer patch kits and touch up paint for minor chips and scratches on their products; however, they can also be used to soften or seal sharp edges where breaks occur and after sanding/filing. The paint could also be used to modify the color of your piece before being placed in its new home. If the piece is too small or jagged, throw it away!


Now to some possibilities for those pieces you can use…


Stone dragons and gargoyles are always big sellers; unfortunately, sometimes, they are decapitated. A nice way to reuse the heads would be to place them in thick garden beds or rock walls. You may need to use some 100% clear silicone to secure the head to rock. It may sound cheesy, but your chipmunks deserve a dragon to stand guard over their homes too.


Broken Planters and Pots


Here, the possibilities are numerous. Broken glazed pottery is not usually bought for function. In their case, they are often bought for the color; so, go ahead and be a DIY master by using the broken pieces to make a mosaic tabletop or decorative mobile. Use cast stone and glazed pottery to create a rustic, well-used look in your garden by planting in them anyway. Let the pots look like your garden took them over. Polyethylene or fiberglass pots that cracked can be used as simple trashcans (IRONY).


To save money on a new, expensive, and large statement piece, like a new fountain because a tree branch broke the top bowl, you could repurpose it into a planter. Do not panic! It has been done before with rather nice results – try some vines and decorative grasses.


Whatever the piece is that broke, try reusing it before you throwing it away. Show your appreciation for the hard work that went into providing you with a piece you enjoyed and the legacy of its time making a yard into your garden. By: Susan Soler of the Team