Pro Design Tip: Make Your Yard Space Appear Larger With These Tips

Creating illusions, such as having more garden space, is one of the great secrets in transforming a garden into a designer’s masterpiece. Pro’s know how to do this. So if you borrow these tips you can make your yard space appear larger. It’s like you can become your own yard magician – a ‘Master of Illusion’!

If you follow these tricks and apply what you’ve learned on your own garden, you’ll easily add new and interesting garden features that can spark a sense of curiosity and intrigue from various angles.

Other Benefits Beyond Perceived Space

There are a number of reasons why creating your own ‘garden illusion” is worth while. First, using an illusion can help make small gardens appear larger. Or, if instead you have wide open spaces, you can make them seem more intimate with a few tricks. You’ll also be able to hide unwanted eyesores, and create an attractive view that the eyes can appreciate. And add the creation of new elements of intrigue, personality or humor in the garden. This can be easily accomplished by adding seating and benches or statuary, especially themed status such as animals, or mythical beings such as garden gnomes.

The Illusion Of Size

To make your garden seem larger than it really is, you can add deep garden beds where you can plant a variety of small and large shrubs including trees. When it comes to deciding on your lawn shape, you can create areas that are not so visible instead of spreading it out in front of you like a rug.

Lawns with interesting curves can give the illusion of having more space and can effectively tuck away and hide certain areas from the main view. Adding depth in foliage is also an effective way to hide the fences thereby making your garden seem like it goes on forever.

The Illusion Of More Light

Take a photo of your yard in full sun. Notice that the areas found underneath trees or those in between buildings are blacked out in high contrast – because of the shade. Where possible add plants in light colored tones, white, creams or yellows in these areas. This creates the illusion of more light underneath.

Antique Thea Terra Cotta Planter Garden-fountainsThe Illusion Of Age

Use pottery that exudes old character charm because it lacks fresh and bright elements. These can be containers that are old, beat-up, repurposed or simply classically old. Match the containers with plants that make you reminisce your favorite historical eras as well as notable memories and dreams.

If you can’t find old pottery easily in your area, purchase concrete or cast stone or pottery pieces that already have an ‘aged’ finish, such as this Thea Antiqued Planter. When stone or cement has an natural color wash, it instantly ages the piece. For ideas, you can check our shop for the color guides from our premier supplier Campania International.

Under The Sea Garden Beauty

Using a colorful assortment of succulents that are massed in a rock garden can create an under-the-sea inspired garden. Look for frilly echeverias (massed in order to resemble a coral); clamshell-shaped paddle plant (Kalanchoe luciae); blue chalksticks (Senecio serpens); and many-armed squid and octopus agaves for your succulents. Alternatively, you can make a waterless lily pond that’s also ever-blooming by planting a handful of echeverias for your water lilies in a bowl-shaped container then mulch it with blue grass for your water.

A Spilling Waterfall

Cascading plants, particularly those that are planted on top of walls, can create the so-called “spilling waterfall” illusion because of their flowing habit. Choose sprawling perennials such as prostrate rosemary; grassy clumpers such as spaghetti-leaved Texas beargrass (Nolina texana); and creeping groundcovers such as silver ponyfoot (Dichondra argentea). There are also a number of succulents that evoke falling water. You can use tail sedum (Sedium morganianum); string-of-fishhooks (Senecio radicans); and string-of-pearls (Senecio rowleyanus).Garden-fountains plant waterfall