Potted Plants Create Creative Garden Accents

A creative and beautiful garden design does not need to be a complicated endeavor, in face a well groomed lawn, a few thoughtfully placed ornamental trees, and some beautifully planted containers is certain to make your landscape stand out! Placing some lovely potted planters around your setting makes for stunning garden accents in a traditional and stylish way.

Depending on the style of you garden, these accents can be used to compliment the theme, as well as create striking contrasts to your setting. Creating these potted wonders is not a difficult process, although when choosing plants it is best to create dimension. For example pair spiky plants with cascading flowers as well as some medium sized plants. The contrast in the plants adds an aesthetically pleasing appeal, creating an instant focal point wherever you choose to place it.

Garden Accents may include anything from statuary pieces to water features, but a garden planter is a new trend of garden planters. They add interest and lovely splashes of color and design, perfect for a well maintained landscaped. This trend is perfect for individuals who do not want to break up a beautiful lawn for flower beds or vegetable gardens. It creates a more classic look, with wide open greenery and interesting and mixed containers placed around the area.

Virtually anything can be planted in containers. Plant shrubs in square containers and line a property border. Line a patio setting with bright colored foliage to create a graceful and inspiring setting. Adding trailing greenery to a container, like ivy, creates a truly enchanting and magical touch. After all, a planter of this sort is a mini-garden, and should include a variety of plants, not just one single type.

Containers are wonderful accents because they can be planted according to the needs of your landscape. If the location of one container will be in the shade, plant according to that qualification. This allows the garden to thrive, because it is planted for its specific needs and conditions, unlike a flower bed that may get sun or shade or a mixture of both, limiting what can be planted, or risking plants not doing as well. Vegetables or fruit trees can also be planted in containers; these can be used as decorative features, or can be kept out of site and used for food growing only.

The garden planters you choose need to be the right size for the plants. You want to make sure that there can be enough soil for all the roots to grow and thrive. There also needs to be enough space for them to spread out, as well as enough nutrients for all the plants. Be sure that these containers have proper drainage, and b sure to check the container gardens often for water. Garden planters will need more frequent fertilizing and watering because they are much smaller spaces than in ground gardens.

Allow your creativity to run free as you make these amazing creations for your setting! With some careful research regarding the needs of the plants you choose, these garden accents are certain to bring unimaginable joy and personality to your landscape. Part of the fun is in choosing what plants to add, and watching them grow, filling in the containers, creating impressive focal points!

By: Susan Soler of the Garden-Fountains.com Team