Planter & Pedestal Sets Add Beauty to Homes

Have you ever taken a drive down the street in a new area, or maybe near your home, and noticed that one specific home that makes you turn your head for a second look?  Chances are that home has decorative garden planters atop pedestals that seem to just draw your eye right to them.  Pots and pedestals come in all shapes and sizes, materials and colors.  Finding the perfect fit for your home can make your own house  become “the house that turns heads”. There are a few things to keep in mind when searching for that perfect set.

Pots and Pedestals come in a variety of materials.  Cast stone containers and pedestals are a durable material that can be left out in all elements of weather.  They should be properly winterized if you live in an area that drops to freezing temperatures. Cast stone pieces can come in a variety of colors, whether you prefer a natural cast stone look or a manufacturer’s custom stain/patina. Placing these pedestals at the end of your driveway or entrance to your home can create the perfect finishing touch to your landscape.

Iron pots and pedestals also provide a heavier, solid material that will withstand many years of decorating for your visitors.  These urns and pots are designed to rust over time to create a natural gardening element. Often found in black iron, dark brown, or a lead colored finish, iron planters can add a sleek element to your home or garden.

Polyethylene pedestals and pots are the perfect lightweight alternative to decorating the appearance of your home.  These pots and planters have a durability that allows them to withstand harsh temperatures.  The beauty of these containers and pedestals lie in the overall weight of the pieces. They can be picked up and moved from place to place for the home owner that loves to spice things up every now and then.

One of the most important aspects of a pot and pedestal set is the overall height of the set.  While you want the pots and pedestals to provide enough height to be visible to all, you want to consider the other elements around the location you are looking to place your pots and pedestals.  For placement in areas where there is very little greenery or colorful flowers, you may want to opt for lower lying pots and pedestals to add a pop of color and interest.  For areas where there is a great deal of landscaping or plants you may want to search for taller pots and pedestals and actually leave them empty instead of planting them, just to break up the overall visual appearance of the landscaping area. You will also want to consider how your guests and those passing by will view your containers and pedestals.  If the pedestals are too low, your pots may not be seen by the average driver or guest.  It may be best to then choose a higher pedestal to elevate the beauty to eye level. Overall, the choice of height for pots and pedestals is yours alone and you may find that you already have the perfect spot picked out, with a height that suits the perfect area.

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By: Susan Soler of the Team