Planning Your Garden This Winter



Planning Your Garden in Winter

Use the shorter days and cooler weather (or maybe downright frozen, depending upon where you live) for planning your garden. By staying indoors you have the opportunity to evaluate your garden and outdoor décor from a different perspective. Use the time to really look outside your windows and see what can be improved.


Fresh Perspectives


If you’re in a climate where your yard and patio areas are blanketed in snow and ice, take this time now to evaluate what you see. Is it interesting? Can you attract wildlife with feeders that would benefit both them and your view? Evaluate your plants and other items you leave out year-round. Conifer trees and bushes look beautiful buried in snow. Add depth to your planting beds and layer taller growth shrubs and trees behind your rows of seasonal flowers. Adding garden statues can also add character. And if you place wooden dowels underneath them, they can be left outside without damage.


Calming Hues


In warmer climates where you can still enjoy year-round plants and flowers, you can still create a unique winter garden experience. Using simple cool tones can create a different feel from your garden in winter. Create a color palate of greens, white and blue. These colors are restful to the eye and accenting with white flowers will help catch outdoor lighting during longer nights. Also, if you don’t have a hard frost, then a year-round water feature or garden fountain adds the elements of light, sound and movement to the space.


Your World View


Think about where your largest windows face inside your home and what let’s in the most light. Also notice where you spend the most time. If you have a kitchen window you’re often looking out of, then look to add something pleasant to that specific area that you’ll see from the inside.


For other ideas and inspiration, take a look at this column from Joplin, MO and how to plan your garden in the winter. Posted by Jean Widner of the team.Planning Your Garden in Winter