Placing Garden Accents from Fountains to Statues

When it comes to decorating your landscape, creating the perfect focal points can be challenging. Adding artificial items, like statuary or fountains, can seem overwhelming. The worry is what item to add, how to place it, and making sure it does not look tacky or unpleasing to the eye. Garden ornamentation really does not need to be a difficult process, and can turn a dull garden into an exciting and beautiful landscape.

A garden ornament, or accent, can really be anything you add to your setting. A statue, a fountain, a bird bath, a wagon wheel, a sundial, or anything that adds interest. They are unique items that create a focal point within the landscape. Old trinkets or objects that may seem unusable can also make amazing garden decorations. An old fallen log, for example, can bring a natural pedestal for planters to set on. Old tools that are no long used for their original purpose can be turned into exciting ornaments for your garden.

The key to choosing garden accents is to keep in mind your landscape. The accent needs to be in proportion with your setting. The ornament needs to be large enough that is can be seen, creating an impact, but it also should not be so large as to overpower the entire setting. The objects you bring into your garden need to enhance the overall look, but not take away from the naturalness of the plants and flowers living and growing in the garden.

The environment will play a factor on your ornaments as well. Make sure the accent can withstand cold weather, rain, sleet, hail, snow, etc. If it cannot, the piece should be put away for the cold months. If the object is very heavy, it can be hard to move, this is another consideration to make when choosing the decoration. Make sure the garden ornament blends with your garden setting theme as well, a classical garden sculpture looks great in formal gardens, but would not fit into a natural setting. You will also want to consider the color palette of your landscape, choose accents that will compliment or contrast with your color scheme.

When it comes to the locations of the ornaments, it is best to place them in a location where they can be seen, a place that draws the eye to it. You may want to consider placing the ornament where it can be seen from the inside as well as the outside. For a fountain, consider placing it in a location where the sounds add to the overall atmosphere. A bench should be placed where it can be utilized as well as appreciated for design. Objects can be added in place of seasonal plants that may not last through all seasons.

A garden accent is a great way to bring decoration and detail, as well as create movement and direct the viewer’s eye in a garden setting. Ornaments are a way to create a truly personal landscape, unique to only your setting.  Ornaments are a wonderful addition to any setting, adding color, style and beauty to your setting!
By: Susan Soler of the Team