Patio’s: Making the Most Out of a Small Space

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A patio is a great spot for entertaining, relaxing, having morning coffee, or reading a good book. A patio should be an extension of the house, it is important that this place be both comfortable and enjoyable. Decorate according to how the space will be used, considering the climate of the area as well.

If your home has a particular style, why not begin by using this as your theme for your patio as well. Decorate according to this theme. This does not have to be the style, you can create a whole new theme for your outdoor room as well, some ideas may include nautical, floral, rustic, or even tropical.  You may choose to make the patio for a particular use, like a reading nook, a breakfast room, or even an outdoor kitchen. Try to incorporate a theme based upon features that are already present, for example if your home has a pool, consider the addition of a tropical patio. The breakfast nook works best if the patio is right outside the kitchen.

After you have the overall theme worked out, it is time to decorate and accessorize the patio. Any furniture that is added should work with the theme of your patio. This may include chairs, outdoor couches, tables, and even bars. The materials could be wood, iron, wicker, stone, cedar, or teak to name a few. If you have existing furniture, and seek to update the style or look of the patio, consider painting or staining the furniture, and updating the upholstery instead of buying completely new sets.  If the seating is more relaxed and comfortable, outdoor throw pillows are sure to bring an exciting touch. Pillows can bring color as well as comfort to a setting.

One great idea for a patio is a wall fountain. Wall fountains are perfect for a patio because they hang, so they will not take up much space, and they add tranquility, lovely sounds, as well as beauty to the patio. Water flowing in a landscape is a truly wonderful experience, perfect for any theme, whether it be to relax or to entertain. Wall fountains are often light weight as well, allowing them to be hung virtually anywhere. A fire pit is another great accessory for a patio.  When the cooler weather hits this element will add a warming and entertaining feature. In the summer it is great for roasting marshmallows or just sitting around with a great group of friends.

Another important part of the patio setting is lighting. This allows for use all year long as well as in the evening hours. Lighting can include candles, torches, lanterns, strung lights, or you can even have professional lighting installed. It may be a lovely addition to use LED lights that can have altered colors, as this can change the ambiance as needed. Some fountains also come with lighting, this can help a beautiful relaxing environment with the soothing sounds of water flowing. You may desire a more intimate and subdued lighting, or a bright and bold lighting. These will allow you to control the mood of the setting from a quiet romantic dinner to a neighborhood get together.

Finally, consider some smaller decorative touches. These could include statuary and potted plants. Statues could be of a loved animal, or a mythical being. These are exciting pieces that will stand out and draw attention, but not take away from the overall look you are trying to create. Potted planters or window boxes are wonderful additions as well as they are able to capitalize on the often small space you may have.  Window boxes are great choice because they can easily create a border or divider between two areas.  Attractive flowers and greens create balance from the indoors to the outside. They are a welcoming and inviting accent as well.
By: Susan Soler of the Team