Packing Smaller Products for Delivery

We take pride in how we create your garden decor and it doesn’t stop there. Each item shipped is carefully packaged so no harm will come to it during its travel. You may be wondering exactly how we manage to pack even the smaller fragile items. Well, you can stop wondering because we have an inside look at how Campania International products are packaged. Take a look!

Shipping During the Holiday Season

We know how frustrating it can be to wait for your package and then when it arrives it’s damaged. Receiving a damaged package can put delays on your gift-giving and no one wants to say to their loved ones on Christmas morning, “You’re package will arrive in 5-10 business days”. It just takes some of the magic out of the spirit of Christmas. This is why we assure you that your purchased products will arrive to you safe and on time.

Paper or Foam

When shipping items via UPS, we protect them with either paper or spray foam.  With smaller items, we use paper to surround the item inside the box to prevent it from moving. Notice how Frankie measures the amount of paper he will need to fill the box then makes his way over to the machine to get what he needs.  He then pushes the paper down deep into the box before placing the item inside. Frankie then fills the box up with paper until the item is secure and safe for shipping.

For objects that may be slightly bigger in weight or shape or may have a pointy edge we use specialized foam spray inside your box for extra protection. Jose shows us in the video that he first puts a protective covering inside the box so that the foam will never stick to your item. Then he uses a cover to help keep the foam separate from the item. After the foam is added, he carefully sets the item down inside the box so that the foam can take the shape of the product – similar to setting a mold. This keeps the item in place so that it doesn’t move around inside the box. Jose adds the last layer of covering and closes up the box. Your items are now ready to ship.

Larger Item Packaging

Do you have your eye on something much larger but wondering how we will deliver to you? Don’t worry. We put just as much care into shipping the larger products as the smaller products. Want to see that process as well? We have a video on that too! You can watch it right here.

We hope we have put your mind at ease about our packing and shipping procedures and you can now peruse our catalog with confidence.  So take a look at our collection click here, and see all of our items from the garden decor, furniture, and accessories.

Happy Shopping!