Overlooked Outdoor Garden Accents

When creating the perfect outdoor space, typically plants, flowers, containers, water features, and statuary take center stage. And it’s important to create focal points. But don’t forget some smaller items that are often overlooked that can truly enhance and organize your setting!

Hide Your Garden Hose

One really great item for your garden setting is a hose pot. Hoses can be unruly and no one wants to have them lying out. The Hose Pot Collection that we offer provides a wonderful way to keep your hose hidden, while adding a beautiful accent to your setting! These pots can be placed out in the open allowing your hose to be easily accessed and tangle free! So those beautiful flowers you have just planted can easily be watered and you won’t have to dread giving them their daily moisture.

Stepping stones outdoor garden accent garden-fountainsCreate a Walkway with Stepping Stones

Another idea for a garden setting is stepping-stones! If you have a flower bed that is hard to maneuver around, adding a few carefully placed stepping stones allows for room to move around the plants to weed and water without harming them. Plus by standing on the stones you avoid mud and dirt! There are many unique types of stepping stones, from the very creative and ornate to simplistic and basic. They are great for heavily traveled grass paths as well, to help keep your grass from being worn away! Many people think stepping stones are just bland corner pieces of concrete.  But, Garden-Fountains.com offers many different stepping stones that can fit any garden theme or even bring your favorite things into the garden, like this Flower Power Stepping Stone Set.

Make the Rain Beautiful

rain chain outdoor garden accent garden-fountainsSome simple and practical options to add to your setting include accents like birdhouses, wind chimes, and rain chains. A carefully placed birdhouse will bring wildlife into your setting, while adding a small focal point to your setting. Wind chimes are stylish, and add a musical appeal and soft glisten to your space. Rain Chains are practical and beautiful. Taking the place of a downspout, they create a lovely sound as rain falls down them while adding a beautiful accent to your home!

Consider some of these items for your setting, and bring style, practicality and purpose to your environment. These features should not be overlooked, and why not create beauty will organizing your setting.