Outdoor Fountain Styles and Designs

When it comes to garden fountains, choosing one can be a difficult project. There are so many different types of fountains that it can be difficult to try to find the fountain that will be perfect for your setting. Each fountain features a different type of sound, water flow, shape, color, material, etc. Therefore, it is best to consider the placement of the fountain, the garden theme, and the overall look you are hoping to succeed before you go to look at fountains.

Tiered Fountains

One of the most popular garden fountains is a tiered garden fountain. This can involve any number of tiers. It creates a classical and charming focal point for your setting. Perfect for a formal garden setting, as the centerpiece. The tiered fountains can be on pedestal or have a basin around them. The look you choose depends upon the space you have available. You want to make sure the fountain fits into the overall design of the landscape, as well as fits in with the proportions of the landscape. Tiered fountains create stunning cascades of flowing water; it creates entertainment, beauty, as well as a delightful sound.

Sculpture Fountains

Sculpture Fountains garden-fountainsSculpture fountains can be modern featuring bold geometrical designs or a more classical sculpture in the form of a human, like a goddess for example. These types of fountains bring a profound touch to your sitting, creating a water work of art. Water tends to move in unique ways through the fountain, creating a delightful and exciting water show. This work of art looks great as a focal point for a front yard courtyard, or a backyard setting.

These are great for outdoor fountains with particular themes, adding a mythological sculptural fountain can create a whimsical and enchanting touch to your setting. Some of them can be animal themed. Others can be classical figurine fountains are made in honor of the great fountains found in Europe that continue to be celebrated to this day. The modern fountain are exciting, they have shape and dimensions, create bold lines and strong angles, or soft circles and spheres. These are perfect for a contemporary setting. They are often stylish and sleek and make a wonderful focal point.

Basin Fountains

Another outdoor fountain is a garden pond fountain. This type of fountain creates a bold sound. This a result of the water that flows down the cascade and falls into the basin below. As the water meets the pond, it creates a magical effect as the water splashes and dances in the surface. The light will catch the water as it falls over, and this is a truly enchanting sight to watch. These fountains are perfect for adding a tranquility and beauty into your setting. These fountains are also perfect for adding lighting too, allowing them to be illuminated at night, adding a stunning focal point to your setting.

A basin can also be added to the bottom of an existing tiered or other appropriately shaped fountain. This adds considerable weight and size to the existing design, so you want to be sure your hardscape can accommodate that. These fountains often become very large and grand – and become what we call Estate Fountains. These are truly not for every home. The surrounding area needs to be in the proper scale. But when all is done appropriately, these can make the most stunning fountains!

Pedestal Fountain garden-fountainsPedestal Fountains

Finally, for a simpler garden fountain consider a pedestal birdbath fountain. These are much smaller in stature, and make a lovely water feature for an intimate patio setting or a special garden nook. They are enchanting water fountains that create a romantic and friendly atmosphere. These water features will certainly add a lovely accent to your garden setting, a perfect garden fountain to add the ambiance of water in motion, while still making a charming focal point.

These are some of the many styles that should be considered for outdoor fountains. They bring the power of water right into your very own landscape!