Outdoor Living Designs For The Real World

You want a beautiful, tasteful and relaxing outdoor living space. One that your family, friends and neighbors can all hang out in and enjoy! But you have children, and several pets, so you need outdoor living design for the real world. Your world. Creating sophisticated but also family friendly outdoor living spaces can happen. You just need a bit of extra thought and planning.

One of the challenges faced by homeowners is incorporating new designs with existing furniture or home features. Other factors that need to be considered include the family lifestyle, the amount of traffic produced by the kids and pets, and your design and style preferences.

Designing a kid and pet friendly home doesn’t have to be costly. Look at your overall budget and decide where you can invest more for important features and save on others. DIY projects can also help to stay on top of costs. Plus if the kids are involved they’re feel more part of the end result. You can achieve this by planning ahead and knowing the end design that you want from the very beginning.

Here are some designs you can create to achieve a house that’s kid and pet friendly:

  1. Designate certain areas for the dog

    Add a special bed and feeding station. This will help make your dog feel comfortable and not left out during family activities. Pet beds have definitely come a long way in recent years. Many are now available in designer brands and are available right along with the regular chairs and sofas at a local furniture store.

  1. Get kid-friendly outdoor furniture

    There are also a number of children’s furniture stores where you can find comfortable recliners as well as table and chair sets which can be even better than the average adult chair. Also pay special attention to fabric choices. Choose easy to clean or stain resistant fabrics – don’t scrimp on this expense! It will pay off in the long run.

  1. Free-range lounging

    If you are designing a lounging area, choose finishes and colors that are not only kid and pet friendly but also complement the warm tones and clean design of the dining table.

  1. Protect your flooring

    Choose an area rug made with soil-repellent material such as Sunbrella or polypropylene to help it withstand the elements as well as the wear and tear caused by kids and pets.

  1. Invest in quality furnishings

    When considering a furniture design, choose one that is appropriately sized as well as streamlined to allow everyone to move comfortably throughout the space. Make sure of its construction and that it is sturdy enough to endur a pounding. Consider certain factors such as the lifestyle of your home, the children’s age, and the behavior of your pets when you choose your furniture.

  1. Room to roam

    Create wide curving paths through the garden where kids can enjoy riding scooters, trikes and bikes. Hide some parts of the path under an arbor or behind shrubs to form a secret hiding spot that most kids want. The same holds true for your porch or patio areas – set basic rules but also help the flow from one area to the next by making sure there is proper space for pets and kids to move freely.

  1. Dog patrol zone

    Dogs by nature will patrol the perimeter of their space. So give them room between the fences and your favorite plants. Screen off the fence by planting an evergreen hedge about 1 yard away from the fence. This will allow your dog to have a run between the fence and the hedge while keeping your green space looking neat.

  1. Accessorize thoughtfully

    Keep breakables to a minimum by making smart material choices for lamps and other accents. Moving them into corners or out of harms way will help keep the peace. You can add plants to achieve tall design accents in order to balance the scale of a large room. Think about fragrance – plant jasmine or other fragrant and colorful plants near your seating area. Another great idea is to add a tranquil wall fountain where it can be safely enjoyed. You have the soothing sound of water without it taking a lot of space.