Other Uses for Garden Pots and Planters

Garden planters, whether cast stone, plastic, or ceramic look amazing when filled with beautiful flowers and foliage. The great thing about plant containers is that they can be used for so many other things besides just holding plants! Whether you buy planters for these purposes or use empty ones that you have lying about, consider some of these creative ideas for garden pots, urns, and tubs!

Many homes have fireplaces in them, and during the cold winters it is quite cheerful and pleasant to light a fire in them. Instead of purchasing a metal or brass rack to hold firewood, consider using a large terracotta or ceramic flowerpot to hold your firewood. Place the pot beside the hearth, and it will also create an attractive accent! This is an inexpensive way to store wood and kindling through the winter!

Flowerpots are great for fish tanks! If you have a home aquarium, consider adding small flower pots to the corner of a tank to create a dark corner for fish to hide in. Fish need to feel safe, and this is the perfect way to help them feel secure! The pot will also add a unique focal point to your aquarium!

Broken flowerpots should not be thrown out, especially if they are clay or terra cotta! These shards make great drainage tools for planting other planters. Place these shards in the bottom on a planter, and then add soil and the plant. As you water the plant, you will find that the water drains, but you will not lose your soil! Pots can be used as decorative features as well. They work great as useful gift baskets for example. Pots can be painted, decorated with ribbon or stickers, or any design you choose, and then filled with candies or cookies, or even teas or coffees. The planter then can be used by the receiver! Planters come in many shapes and sizes, so you are sure to find one that will fit the need of your gift basket.

Planters are great for indoor use as well. Small pots can be painted and decorated, and can be used in an office to hold pens, pencils, paper clips, and other office tools. Square planters can be made into organizational tools, to hold mail or important papers. Pots can be used in children’s rooms to hold small toys, jewelry or hair accessories. Planters are great bathroom accessories as well; they can be used to hold hand towels or soaps, while adding a decorative feature to your home! Like small round containers up on your table, add candles, and you have a magical table centerpiece. Finally, larger garden planters can make great waste paper baskets that can actually decorate your setting!

Outside, fill a flowerpot with sand, and create an ashtray to keep your yard clean and tidy! Garden pots make great storage for your garden tools, and help to keep your shed or garage organized! When it comes to being crafty, get come clay or paint, and allow your kids to make their own flower pots, adding designs or their names, and to make it even more special, let them plant something inside, and care for it!

By: Susan Soler of the Garden-Fountains.com Team