Options with Homegrown Herbs

Cooking with your own herbs is an amazing experience, full of rich flavors and bold scents! Growing your own herb garden is actually a very easy task to undertake!  The key is to provide nutritious soil, plenty of water, and of course, the correct container! We offer a variety of small pots that are perfect for creating your own herb garden, while adding a beautiful accent to your setting!

For a cheerful and bright pop of color consider planting your herbs in the many colors of the Audrey planters! These small pots are perfect for creating a colorful set of three to four different herbs per pot. If your prefer a more neutral color scheme the Herb Pots provide three neutral colors, and can hold up to nine different herbs! Since these come in three different sets, you can easily keep one indoors as well as a couple outdoors to see how best your herbs will grow. If you are more apt to only want one container, consider the addition of the Daisies Window Box in Antique Glaze. This rectangular planter would make the perfect home for a combination of basil, parsley and oregano!

When planting herbs, choose types that you will use. Try to grow combinations that work well together as well. Herbs that are easy to care for, that are great for cooking, include basil, parsley, cilantro, rosemary, oregano, chives, mint, and sage. Each of these can be planted in herb pots, and many of them also make lovely additions to flower planters as a lovely green foliage accent. Not only do they make for wonderful additions to meals, but they will bring delightful scents into any space they are grow in.  If you aren’t sure what herbs may be your favorite, take some time to test out herbs from the grocery store in some of your favorite meals.  You may find that sprucing up bland healthy meals with fresh herbs keeps your diet on track!

The best part about any of our small planters is they can be brought in over the cooler months, keeping your herbs growing all winter long! These colorful and practical planters can be used for more that just herbs, they make great starter homes for vegetables as well. Start your plants indoors early in the season, and then transplant them into a garden once there is no chance of frost! The planters can then be used for herbs, or for lovely flower arrangements!

By: Susan Soler of the Garden-Fountains.com Team