Options for Adding Height or Showcasing Garden Ornaments and Planters


Sometimes, finding the perfect piece of garden statuary or the perfect pot turns out to be a complete let down when you realize that it isn’t the exact height you wanted it to be.  Maybe you are looking for a garden ornament that will stand above your favorite sunflowers, or just enough to block out the view of your neighbors.  Well you shouldn’t stop there, because there are options

Many manufacturers understand that while you may have found a pot or statue that you love, it may not be the exact measurements you are searching for.  Since they are not able to make each piece exactly to each individuals liking, there is an alternative option- pedestals or pot feet.  If you are just looking to bring you pot or urn up off of the ground because of the weather in your area, or maybe to keep it from getting frozen to the ground during freezing temperatures, then pot feet can be the way to go.  Pot feet simply slip underneath of the pot, and bring it up off of the ground.  Pot feet are not designed to truly give it a great deal of height.

Most pot feet will only bring your pot a half of an inch to a couple of inches off of the ground. One of the great things about pot feet is that they come in so very many different shapes and sizes.  Maybe you are searching for a simple, classic element to add to your pot, they make those.  Or maybe you are searching for a comical piece of art work, like the paws of a dog, they make those too!  Pot feet are a great way to make a container not only functional but also add a nice decorative element.

If you are looking to showcase a favorite piece of statuary or an urn or container, a pedestal is the perfect way to go.  Many manufacturers will actually photograph statues or pots onto of pedestals.  These pedestals are typically the best suggestion for your garden accent.  The manufacturer knows their pieces so well, that the pairings they make are often some of the best combinations.  If your pot or statue is not photographed on top of a pedestal there are a few pieces of information that you will need in order to search for one that will work together.  First, you should consider the design of your actual pot or statue.  This can easily determine which pedestals will not work for your piece. finding a pedestal from the same manufacturer that has made your pot, urn, or statue is usually the best choice for color matching purposes as well as style.  If the piece is very decorative, then it is often best to go with a simple, classic pedestal like the Classical Tall Pedestal. If the piece is more decorative, then consider a matching pedestal the like the Wood Nymph statue on pedestal.

Once you have determine style, the next piece of information is size.  You can’t just consider the height of the pedestal.  If you item is not already shown on the pedestal you are looking to purchase, then make sure to ask our customer service team what size top the pedestal has, along with the size of the bottom of your piece.  This can determine if you pot will fit properly on top of a pedestal.  It is important to do this because if a pot or statue is too large for a pedestal, you will run the risk of the item falling off of the pedestal and breaking.

Pedestals and pot feet are great way to add a little something extra to your outdoor statues and containers.  Consider finding one for your existing statue or maybe even add one to your order today!
By: Susan Soler of the Garden-Fountains.com Team