Not just for the Birds: Alternative Birdbath Uses

Birdbaths are great additions to your backyard or front yard. You love looking out to see your favorite feathered friends flying in for a visit. And also teaching your children and grand children all about the different kinds of birds. But when you no longer want to worry about cleaning your bird bath or you want to find other uses during the cold months, here are some alternative birdbath uses.

birdbath alternative uses


Props for Decorating Outside

Bringing together some of your favorite indoor decor items with your birdbaths can take them to a whole new level.  Since we know that bird baths can easily hold water, using them as decorative pieces indoors and out is as simple as can be. For an outdoor garden party, or maybe even a birdbath party where you will be having a great deal of people in your back yard, fill your bird bath with water and choose some nicely colored floating candles. These candles will bring a calming sense to the outdoor space and even add a beautiful lighting.

Bring them Indoors

For smaller bird baths like the Siena Birdbath, bring them indoors or purchase one for placement indoors. Instead of bland bowls sitting a top your kitchen island, place these decorative pieces right on the counter top! Fill them with fruit for a fun decorative piece that no one else will have!  You can also use this same birdbath as a serving piece when you have guests over! Simply place a round plate inside of the birdbath and use it as a raised serving dish. Guests will think you are so cleaver! If fruit or other food isn’t a good option for you, use birdbaths as a decorative place indoors for potpourri. Your guests will adore your bird bath and love the wonderful smell that fills the room!

alternative birdbath uses
Bring a piece of your last vacation indoors with a small birdbath. Fill the birdbath with moss that can be found at any local craft store.  Place rocks found from your special vacation or sea shells from your last beach retreat. Each time you see these decorative elements you will be reminded of the last happy vacation you took. You can easily turn this into a fun project for kids. They will love collecting special treasures each time you go on vacation for the revamping of the indoor birdbath decoration.

Used as a Planter

You may think of bird baths as just a place for water to sit, but they are also great options for indoor plants such as ferns or creeping figs. The plants can grow inside of the birdbath and be watered while growing along the sides to create a unique planting piece.

Think outside of the box when it comes to outdoor decor elements. Many of these pieces can easily be brought indoors when you have limited space outdoors or you just want to spruce up the inside!