No Time? You can Still Have a Beautiful Outdoor Area With a Few Tips!

For those of us that are always on the go, have demanding schedules, children that need to go to sporting events or music recitals, along with other obligations the idea of creating and maintaining an outdoor space may seem like a daunting and possibly impossible task. This is simply not the case. Creating a pleasing and enjoyable outdoor space, whether is be the facade of your home or a backyard, certainly does not need to be difficult.

For a simple approach,  consider creating a simple arrangement of flowers in the front of your home, in lovely cast stone planters that flank the doorway. This will add a cheerful pop of color, but require little maintenance besides simple deadheading and watering. These tasks can be done as you enter or exit the house.  If you truly concerned about being able to water plants and flowers, you can always consider silk, or other artificial plants and flowers.  These days, one can hardly even tell they aren’t real.. and they stay beautiful for quite sometime! Window Boxes are a wonderful addition to the facade of a home. These can be filled with bright flowers or luscious greens. They will add character to the aesthetic of the house while requiring little upkeep.Barn Board Trough Window Box Garden-fountains

If you like to garden, but have little time to undertake an entire front and backyard, consider beginning with one small aspect, and continue to add to the setting over the years. For example, if your lawn could use some work, focus on that for the first season, and don’t worry about anything else. By the next year, once your lawn is luscious, it may be time to add a garden or flowerbed around the house. This could be the project for the next season. Over time, your landscape will become a stunning and beautiful tribute to your dedication, without causing you to sacrifice too much of your precious time. You should approach your outdoor space as you would the inside.  If you don’t like the set up or style of all of your bathrooms in your home, you most certainly would not redo all of the bathrooms at one time.  You would slowly do each bathroom before moving on to the next, your outdoor area should be approached in the same manner.

For a backyard setting, often the easiest way to bring color or plants to the landscape is through container gardening. This type of gardening allows for simplicity as well as very little weeding. Choose plants that can be in the sun and plant them into the pots of your choice. Cast Stone planters are lovely and sturdy, but can sometimes be too heavy and hard to move if you are looking to move your space around each season. Ceramic Pots often come in beautiful colors and can create a stunning focal point to any outdoor space. Fiberglass pots are lightweight and easy to move, allowing you to change up the location and arrangement of your plants and flowers. This is especially nice since built in gardens and flowerbeds cannot be moved.

All kinds of vegetation can be planted into containers. Tomatoes and green peppers make great container gardens. Cucumbers, beans, and squash can also be planted into containers. Herbs also do really well in containers or window boxes. The key is to make sure the plants have the proper soil and proper drainage. Adding rocks to the bottom of the containers helps with drainage too. These are easy steps to creating a harvest that is easy to maintain and care for right in your own outdoor space without all the weeding, digging, and tilling that comes with planting a garden or flower bed.  These choices will not only add beauty to your setting, but they are delicious and perfect for creating fresh and delicious meals, not to mention saving some money when you go to the grocery store!

These are some simple ideas that allow even the busiest of people to enjoy the pleasure of gardening. Even the simplest of planters can create great satisfaction and enjoyment, adding a beautiful touch to your outdoor space!

By: Susan Soler of the Team