No Time? Try these Plants and Flowers

As the spring rolls into summer, you may start thinking about your outdoor space, or lack thereof.  While you drive around town and notice all of the beautifully groomed yards with their colorful flowers and plants, you may start thinking about dressing up your very own outdoor space.  Once you start thinking about it though, you may hit a road block and think, how in the world can I take care of outdoor plants while I am working full time and taking care of my family?  Well we have the perfect choice for planting outside that require little to no care so you can still have an outdoor area you are proud of, but don’t have to spend an entire evening grooming and taking care of it!

One of the best plants for an outdoor space is a hosta.  Hostas come in quite a few varieties, but they are a beautiful green plant that will grow year after with very little care.  From smaller leaves, to larger leaves, hostas can easily fill up a large empty garden bed with some beautiful greenage.   If you are in an area that receives at least a little bit of rain, hostas will grow beautifully.  Each year, they seem to come back even bigger and better than the year before. Some hostas even have flowers that bloom.

Another great option for an outdoor space if you live in a dry climate is cacti or succulents. These plants truly need little to no care, some even have beautiful blooming flowers at times.  They can also be brought indoors if you live in an area where tempatures drop into the freezing mark and make a great accent in indoor spaces.  Think of brightly colored indoor pots that can accent your existing decor.

Another beautiful option is creeping phlox.  You may have seen these driving around your area planted on homeowners yards where they have a large sloping hill out front.  These flowers are an excellent choice for creating a bed of beautiful colored flowers. They are available in many different colors and will truly give your outdoor space that added pop of color.  If you decide to go daring and plant other flowers that require more care, creating phlox can easily be placed around other flowers to provide even more coloring. Creeping phlox will grow in just about any soil condition whether rocky or not. Making it an excellent choice for many spaces.

You don’t have to spend hours upon hours in your garden to get the perfect coloring.  Just taking some time to plant a selection of specific plants and flowers is all you need and a little bit of time to water now and then!
By: Susan Soler of the Team