New Campania International Introductions!

We are proud to announce we have been adding new 2012-2013 Campania International introductions over the past few days!  For those of you who don’t know much about Campania International, they are a US manufacturer of cast stone garden accents; everything from Statuary, Fountains, Benches, Planters, Stepping Stones and much much more, they also offer a wide selection of beautiful imported glazes from all over!  Each cast stone design by Campania is created by their own talented artists or based  upon antique reproductions, bringing you unique and classic pieces.  Campania items are known to stand the test of time and maintain incredible quality. Your garden and yard would not be complete without the addition of a Campania International product!


One of our favorite additions from Campania International each year is the animal collection.  This year, Campania adds some wonderful dogs that will look perfect greeting you at your front door or strategically placed in your garden!  From the Large Antique Bulldog, to the playful puppies in a basket, cleverly called Basket Cases, and the delight Tweet and Tweeter birds, the Animal collection this year is sure to include some of the pieces you have been waiting to see created by Campania.

Fountains are always the perfect addition to any area, This years Campania fountains include many oval fountains with copper spillers.  These modern looking fountains include the perfect size for a garden terrace if you live in the city or even larger sizes for the empty space in your backyard.

While we just touched on a few of the wonderful new additions, all new Campania International introductions can be viewed at the following link: Campania 2012-2013 New Items
By: Susan Soler of the Team