Making the Most of Rooftop Gardening

Lightweight PlantersWhether you live in the city, or just have limited space the ideas and techniques behind rooftop gardening may be for you!  Often with sleek, contemporary elements, roof top gardens utilize minimal amounts of space while creating a huge impact.  If you are considering turning your rooftop into a deck, here’s what you should definitely consider before jumping in.

There are many different reasons why you may decide that a rooftop garden is for you.  Whether you have just moved into a location where the only outdoor space is a rooftop deck, or you just want to turn your rooftop into useable space, Rooftop Gardening may be the answer for you.  In addition to creating a beautiful space, rooftop decks can also create privacy from other roofs around you.  Some of the great benefits of roof top decks are:

  1. 1.  There are fewer critters to eat your plants
  2. 2.  Plenty of sunshine
  3. 3.  It expands your livable space

If you’re considering a very large, heavy rooftop garden you should consult a structural engineer before your project begins. It’s essential to ensure that the weight that may be created by your new garden can be supported by your current structure. If you already know that your rooftop deck is ready for some beautifying, then you’re ready to get started.

Start wit the Basics

The first step to deciding how you are going to create your rooftop deck is figuring out the basics. Do you have easy access to water on your rooftop?  If not, you will want to consider plants that can take the direct sunlight but require very minimal watering.  You will also want to make sure that you have the storage space to keep all of the tools you will need.  If you don’t already have a storage location, consider a storage bin for keeping all of the necessary tools.

One great way to easily begin your roof top gardening is by using lightweight containers for your vegetables, plants and flowers.  These lightweight planters can easily be carried atop your rooftop and can easily be moved around if necessary.  Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, lightweight containers can fit any desired decor.

Creating a rooftop deck with seating is also a great idea.  Not only will you visit your rooftop to care for your plants but you’ll find that these new elements also bring a sense of calm and relaxation!
By: Susan Soler of the Team