Let There Be Light – To Your Fountain!

The typical garden fountain is a beautiful watery work of art that comes alive as the sun shines on the falling water. It creates a serene and stunning focal point that can be enjoyed all day long.  However, most fountains lose their appeal as the sun goes down and darkness falls. This certainly does not need to be the case, why not consider adding lighting to your fountain? This allow the fountain to continue to be a strong focal point even when it is dark out, perfect for evening entertainment and parties in the warmer months of the year!

Lighting is also nice for residential homes with fountains, because then you can get the full use of your fountain. When you spend the day at work, by the time you get home, it may be dark, and you cannot enjoy the wonderful water feature, but with lights, you certainly can! This makes the time, effort, and expense of the fountain worth it! This is the case with many public fountains; lighting has been added in one way or another to create an enchanting water feature for the public to enjoy all day and into the late hours of the night.

There are many advantages to adding lighting to a water feature, but the real question is how to do this? There are actually two ways of doing this. There are submersible LED Light kits and External Outdoor Fountain Lighting. Either option will do the job well, so ultimately it depends on how you want the fountain to be lit that determines which route to choose.

A submersible LED Light Kit is suitable for many different types of fountains and works wonderfully for lighting up an outdoor garden fountain. This lighting system works from underneath the water. It creates a magical glow, as the water moves the light illuminates out, creating an intimate and thorough glow. Submersible lighting is safe and made to be used with water. They are also low voltage so they do not consume much energy. Many of these lights include the capability of changing the color of the light. Each time the light changes, the water color changes, creating a new and unique work of art. Usually submersible light are placed in the pond or basin part of the fountain. This allows for the best lighting, as it illuminates the fountain and allows the water to be highlighted as well. For an exciting evening effect you could also consider placing lights on the tiers as well, allowing the fountain to make a stunning evening focal point.

Sometimes submersible lighting is not the desired effect, or it will not work for a certain fountain shape. External lighting provides a great solution. This is especially true for modern fountains. When using external lighting make sure the lights are placed far enough from the fountain so that the water does not splash, also be sure the external lights are waterproof. They can be exposed to rain and water. These often also can include colored lights to add a different look to the setting, creating a special mood or ambiance.

Installing the lights is actually a rather simple process. If you choose to use lights it is best that they are incorporated as the fountain is assembled, otherwise, you will have to take apart the fountain to add lighting. Make sure there is an electrical source for the lights nearby as well. The cords should be out of sight, as they can make for an ugly appearance.  Fountain lighting will add a magical touch to your setting, a wonderful and exciting way to use your fountain from morning through night!

By: Susan Soler of the Garden-Fountains.com Team