Learning How to Use Garden Accents

When it comes to creating a beautiful and personalized garden, the use of beautiful plants are typically the focus. Yet, sometimes it can be beneficial to add a few non-living decorative features. These garden accents can range from planters, to birdbaths, to statuary to stepping stones to name a few. Using unique accessories like these give your garden flair and a personal touch, perfect for creating surprising focal points.

The addition of garden accessories is a great because they can be put out in the garden even if it is too cold to plant. It is easy to find accents in many different styles and themes. Consider creating an Asian themed garden, incorporating cast stone lanterns or pagodas as exciting statuary for your setting. A tranquil birdbath will bring serenity of water as well as harmony with birds! Consider an Americana theme, using wooden barrel planters and wagon wheels for decoration. If you enjoy the whimsical, adding gnomes and fairy statuary can create a magical world for your garden setting!

Once you have chosen a particular theme, incorporating accessories can be a fun and exciting task. Simply make sure all the accents you choose create a cohesive look, which can often be easily achieved by adding the same materials, whether it be wood, iron, or cast stone. Make sure the color scheme is pleasing as well, tones of the same color is a great way to add color, while making sure to overall effect is pleasant!

Adding accessories should be done sporadically throughout the garden setting. They should not all be placed in one specific location, but sprinkled throughout the setting. The idea is to create lovely little surprises, but not take away from the beauty of your blooms that you work so hard to create and maintain. Place a small statue among a flower bed, or a bird bath in a patch of ivy. Be careful not to add to many accessories though, the goal is not to make the garden look cluttered, but to accentuate your plants and flowers. Remember it is a natural setting, adding too many unnatural items will take away from the beauty of nature.

What makes a garden so special is the sensory journey it takes a viewer on. Exciting sounds and sights and smells will bring complete enjoyment! Accessories can help you to accomplish these features. For instance, a carefully placed water feature will bring the peaceful sounds of trickling water, or a beautiful wooden birdhouse hung from a low branch allows for the beauty and sweet songs of birds. Windchimes bring lovely melodies as well. A garden bench is a wonderful addition to your garden, allowing you to just sit back and enjoy the wildlife that comes into your landscape.

There are many accessories that have been used for over centuries, their concept dating back to ancient times. The obelisk, used in ancient Egypt, adds style and can be used as a focal point, or is a wonderful tool for plants that like to climb. Adding a decorative statue can be just as exciting. Whether you choose to add a animal statue in honor of a favorite pet, creating a memorial garden. You may also choose to add stepping stones that lead from one section of your garden to another, choose stone that fit with your theme!

These are just some examples of the many types of garden accents and accessories. They add beauty and excitement while highlighting the blooms and greens that grow in your setting. They are delightful additions that add surprise and personality to your garden!
By: Susan Soler of the Garden-Fountains.com Team