Waterfall Fountains – Choose One For your Space

All the rain and snow this winter has created some dramatic scenery. Among of the most striking are the waterfalls in Yosemite National Park that have been gushing at record levels.

Waterfalls are amazing natural features, creating beautiful and picturesque settings that remind us of nature’s power, yet can be peaceful at the same time. Similarly, a fountain can be an enjoyable experience. The addition of a waterfall fountain to your home or garden can take an average space and make feel more vibrant.

Indoor Waterfall Fountains

Indoor Waterfall Fountains
Lg. Slate Nojoqui Falls

There are many different types of waterfall fountains. From those you can place indoors to ones that can also be placed outdoors. An indoor waterfall is typically mounted on a wall or a large standing fountain. These indoor waterfalls often have slate or mirrored glass upon which water will flow into a basin and recirculate through the fountain. Typically you think of such items in hotel lobbies or large office buildings. But now you can find indoor waterfall fountains suitable for residential homes.

Instead of choosing artwork for your foyer, or the empty wall in your sitting room, consider a wall mounted waterfall. When brought indoors, these features can add a soothing and calming element to any space. Since they are available in many unique sizes, shapes, and colors there is something to suit any style.

Your Own Outdoor Waterfall

Waterfall Fountains
Rock Falls Fountain

When it comes to choosing the right waterfall fountain for your outdoor setting there are many factors to consider. For instance, the size of the waterfall should be proportional to your setting. Think about the water movement as well. If the fountain splashes, or if the water can be carried by the wind, make sure sitting areas are not too close by. You do not want to get sprayed with water while sitting and entertaining guests! Water splashing can also look sloppy or even make a surface slippery. So make sure the fountain and its splash zone is set far enough away from traffic areas.

One of the most popular backyard waterfalls is one that looks most similar to something you would find in nature. Whether it is created out of cast stone or a lighter weight fiberglass material, natural looking rock water elements are a great way to extend the outdoors along with nature.

Water Helps Set a Mood

Adding rushing water to your garden setting is a source of joy, relaxation, and entertainment. It allows guests to relax in your setting, as well as feel at home. The water creates a positive atmosphere for everyone. Often water is used in feng shui, a way to keep your garden in balance creating harmony. Water is also stimulating, creating energy as you work in it, or peacefulness for meditation.

Waterfall fountains bring a natural wonder of the world, right into your very own home or garden. It can be a soothing and relaxing accent, or a lively and energetic source of entertainment! Enjoy the beauty and delight the addition of this type of garden fountain will bring into your setting! Posted by Jean Widner of the Garden-Fountains.com team.