Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal in a Weekend

There are many ways to beautify the outside façade of your home. If you have a free weekend that you can devote to your landscape, it’s easy and inexpensive to make a few adjustments that will have a huge impact! A few simple fixes will give you an aesthetically pleasing and updated curb appeal for your home.

Updated Entryway


The key to a good façade is to have an attractive front entrance. This can be done on even the smallest of budgets. Molding is a great option to outline a doorway. A white molding for a dark wooden door will allow it to standout and immediately draws in the eye. Another easy fix is to paint an old door, if it has become faded or is chipped or scratch. Also look at your door-knocker, mailbox and house numerals. Pick themes that match your style, and accessorize thoughtfully.

Window Accents


Another project is the addition of trim or shutters to windows. This will add a finished look to your home, and shutters create a warm and welcoming look for your house. Shutters also serve the practical need of controlling light flow. Shutters come in a variety of materials from traditional treated wood to new materials like polyurethane. Be sure to choose a durable, low maintenance design.

Flower Power


A great project that adds a lot of curb appeal is to create flower beds. Line the yard with a small edging materials such as used bricks or stones. This same method can be done along driveways around mailboxes, or in corners of the yard. The idea is to accentuate your home, not to hide it, so choose plants that add color without tall growth. Mixing the plants in size and texture will also help to create an attractive design.

gd_487p_6__00863-1406653762-1280-1280Gutter Talk


A slightly more expensive task that makes a huge difference is changing and replacing the gutters and downspouts. Often these become rusted or chipped over time, creating an eyesore in the overall appearance of your home. These old systems can be replaced with a newer vinyl snap fit system. This is relatively inexpensive and requires no extra tools to install the system. If cost is not an issue, you could also opt for a copper system, which will create an elegant look and add value. Also consider switching a conventional downspout with a decorative RainChain, which makes a lovely sound when it rains.


Just Add Water


Lastly, don’t forget to consider decorative items, like installing a water feature. A small water feature can look beautiful in a flower bed located against the side of your house. It creates a great focal point, and the sound of the water creates a peaceful atmosphere and your guests will feel welcomed. Adding decorative statuary to your flower beds or porch is another great idea. Whether is be an animal, a decorative plaque or stone, a mythical accent or a religious figure, these items will all add a strong focal point that will bring personality to your landscape.


These weekend projects are great ideas for adding character and elegance to your home. Improve your curb appeal with these easy and inexpensive projects! Posted by Jean Widner.