How Water Features Improve Your Life and Your Yard

Whenever you see photos of lavish estates or mansions, they usually include shots of some sort of water feature. Bubbling fountains, ornate bird baths, and rock waterfalls are heavily represented. You would be wrong to think that only the wealthy can have these beautiful outdoor fixtures. Almost any home can benefit from installing one or more water features because they are affordable as well as attractive.

Water features such as fountains and waterfalls add elegance to any yard. Their appearance alone is motivation to have one installed, but if you need more reasons, don’t worry. There are plenty of practical reasons as well. Owning a water feature can improve your state of mind as well as improve your property.


For all of history, mankind has been attracted to water. Lakes, streams, oceans – the size of the water source doesn’t matter. People are naturally at home around moving water.

Rock Falls Water Fountain Garden-fountains

When you are upset or worried, you may well search for a water feature. The sound of running water soothes many people, which is why some sleep to the recorded sounds of an ocean or a waterfall. Science backs up this phenomenon. Research shows that water makes you calmer and more creative. In fact, those who live near the ocean experience better health and less stress than the rest of the population. Waterfalls seem to provide the same type of mental and emotional benefits. People visit them for their beauty and also for the serenity they provide. It’s hard to be unhappy next to a waterfall.

Installing a water feature means you can enjoy these benefits without moving to the beach or lakeside. A rockfall fountain will give you the calming effect of a waterfall while adding beauty to your yard. The soft sounds can lull you to sleep each night and provide a relaxing spot for you and your family during the day. It’s like having a holiday destination in your own backyard.


Animals also attract and calm most people. A water feature will create an inviting environment for wildlife, attracting birds, frogs, and, depending on where you live, deer and other harmless creatures. Imagine enjoying bird and squirrel watching from your back porch or sunroom. Your children and grandchildren can learn about nature outside of a classroom. In fact, you might want to invest in a larger water feature and add goldfish, which your children will enjoy raising and watching. Water features give you many options.

Kosei Birdbath Garden-fountainsIn particular, you can benefit from birdwatching. In addition to giving you an increased appreciation of nature, birdwatching teaches you patience and hones your mental alertness. Plus, birders experience enhanced calmness while they keep an eye on various bird species.

You can choose from a variety of bird baths and fountains at, including traditional models as well as unique, single-piece models like the Kosei birdbath. All of these models add inviting detail to your landscaping.

Water Plants

You can increase the appeal of your traditional garden area by adding aquatic plants to a water fountain. You get all the soothing effects of other water features with the extra attraction of beautiful floating plants and flowers. Invest in easy-to-care-for varieties such as fairy moss, water hyacinth, and duckweed which float on the surface. For deeper fountains, you can add water lilies and lotus.

Besides being beautiful, these plants feed on nutrients in the water that algae depend on. As a result, your fountain water stays fresher and you have to perform less maintenance.

Increased Property Value

The term “curb appeal” has been overused, but the premise is sound. You want your home to look attractive and unique to appeal to potential buyers in case you ever decide to sell. A water feature provides that extra oomph to your yard that sets it apart from others on the block. A beautiful backyard retreat is something that almost everyone wants, so it can add to the monetary value of your home. Also, if you have noisy neighbors, a fountain can drown out annoying sounds, making your life more pleasant and your home more appealing to buyers.


Water features also help the environment in general and that of your backyard specifically. Summertime can bring brutal temperatures, but a water feature can lower the ambient temperature nearby 20 – 25 degrees Fahrenheit. Water casts off negative ions which trap dust and help purify the air. Also, when the water evaporates, it creates vapors that help filter the air as well. You and your family will actually breathe more easily with a water feature in your yard. Your next-door neighbors may benefit as well.

Water features are practical additions to your home. They add flair to your landscaping efforts and set your home apart from other houses in your area. These features are more than just value-enhancers. They can make you feel better emotionally. Soothing water sounds calm your anxiety and make your entire environment more restful. The water also improves the climate around your home. Water features are an affordable way to improve your quality of life.