How to Give Your Garden a Magical Upgrade

Spring is almost in full bloom! That means it is time to start thinking about how you’ll use your outdoor space this year. The garden is one of the most delightful areas of your home — if set up properly, it can be an extension of your living space that can provide you with an entertainment space, lounging area and just a beautiful spot for you and your family to enjoy. Spring and summer are the best months to take advantage of dining outdoors and bask in the fresh air without having to leave your home.

If you have a garden, you might be thinking about ways you can change it and make it look even nicer. There are a lot of interesting and creative ways you can upgrade your space. For example, you can create flower walkways or stone paths in different shapes to give your garden color and texture. You can add beautiful fountains, bird feeders or statues. Hanging pots or more outdoor furniture can also be a great way to shape up your new garden. Check out some of these ways you can give your outdoor space a magical upgrade in time for the warm weather!

First Things First

The first step to upgrading your garden is simple: Just take a look at it! Head outside to a warm spot in the sun, sit down to take a gander at your garden, and start thinking about what you want. Take in the size and shape of your garden and the elements you currently like and dislike about it. You can start by getting rid of items that you don’t want: Throw out old furniture, dead plants, etc., prune overgrown shrubs, and cut the grass. Getting the space into reasonable shape is the basis for figuring out what you would like to add to it to make it more magical.

Revive Your Lawn

Start with the basics. Give your lawn a trim with a mower and check out areas where it could use sod or seed to fill in dead grass. This can instantly improve the look of your garden and make you feel great about spending time in it. Make sure you have a regular watering schedule so that you keep your grass in good shape all summer long.


Edging and Trimming

If you have paths or a patio in your garden, use an edger to neaten the edges around them. You can freshen up old paths with new gravel and edge beds with bricks or edging tiles in order to create a fresh look. Terracotta or stone blocks and trim can make a beautiful addition to any garden!

Update Your Fencing

Often the fencing in a garden is the first thing to show its age. You can replace rotting fencing or give a fence an extra coat of paint or a new color in order to improve the look. Fresh paint can do wonders for an outdoor space, and you can choose a color that will match your patio furniture in order to make the whole space stylish. If the fence itself is in disrepair, you can cover it in bamboo, willow or bark screening in order to give it a whole new feel.

Revive your garden garden-fountains

Plant Flowers

Flowers and greenery are one of the best ways to make a gorgeous oasis outside. You can plant flowers in potters and buckets to display anywhere in the area or plant them right in the ground if you have enough room to do so. Flowers lining a pathway are a beautiful addition, or you can have a flower bed against a fence to give the area more color and brighten up a wall. You can also design a vertical garden if you’re short of space. Use wall or fence space to plant flowers, herbs or other plants — you can find beautiful pocket planters that attach to the wall and make it easy to care for your greenery. Or, there are modular kits like the one here.

Bring In the Furniture

Once you have your garden mowed, trimmed and planted, it’s time to think about entertaining! Outdoor patio furniture can turn your garden into a whole new area of your home that you can use for entertaining guests or just having lovely family meals outside. An outdoor dining table is a perfect place to start. Consider how many people you would like the table to seat and how much room your garden can afford. Coated woods and plastics are great materials for gardens because they stand up well to the weather all year round.

Patio furniture garden-fountains

In addition to a dining area, you might want to consider other seating options. Benches are great space savers and can be lined against a wall or fence and outdoor sofas or armchairs are nice options that allow for comfortable seating in various areas around the garden. Consider adding in umbrellas or other types of shade-producing devices as well in order to make sure that direct sunlight doesn’t cause areas to become too hot or bright to sit in. Outdoor area rugs can also add a splash of color to brighten up a space!

Outdoor Fountains

Fountains are a wonderful natural touch for any garden. They add a lovely focal point to a landscape, patio or yard and can help block outside noise, as well as provide a peaceful backdrop sound to help you relax. You can find cast stone, fiberglass, ceramic, stainless steel, copper and many other types of fountains to choose from in order to enhance your garden!

Platia Fountain garden-fountains
These are just a few ways to perk your garden up for the warm weather! Check out our full selection of garden accents and decor to help you bring your outdoor space to life.