How To Create A Modern Style Garden

There’s a certain wow factor that modern gardens have that is just plain undeniable. A contemporary landscape is all about bold, strong, clean lines often with a touch of unusual material that you don’t see every day. A modern yard often blends the indoors with the outside world so it only makes sense why many homeowners decide to create a modern garden so that their space outdoors matches their space indoors.

It may seem like creating a modern garden is difficult but with the right accessories, it can be quite simple. For example, if you have a set of concrete stairs right outside your back door, consider placing square, concrete stepping stones that lead you further into the garden directly to a seating area or maybe to your terra cotta planters. When it comes to making your space modern ask yourself – where do you want to lead the eyes?

However, if you’re still not quite sure how to create a simple modern garden, here are 5 tips to help you get started.

Manicured Gardens

When landscaping for your yard make sure your plants are controlled, meaning they stay put and don’t hang over anything. Keep your space tidy and polished. Thanks to Freshome here is a list of great plants for a modern look.

1. Boxwood

2. Cedar

3. Reeds and grasses

4. Succulents

5. Japanese maples


When going modern, remember it’s all about the clean lines. Choose accessories in your garden that have a sleek simple style such as our Urban Mews Planter. This set goes perfectly with our Biscayne Bench. Notice the contemporary design with the same concrete exterior.


Add Contemporary Statement Pieces

Adding a few bold features in your garden such as a unique sculpture or even a water fountain can be great pieces to create a focal point. Try placing our Falling Water Fountain II in the center back of your yard. Once people step foot in your garden their eyes will immediately be drawn to this uniquely made piece. Now that’s making a statement!


Lastly, picking the right type of lighting plays a major role in creating a modern-style garden. When shopping for lighting try picking lights with a stainless steel base or any type of metal fixtures. This style of lights always gives a more contemporary vibe. Think about low-voltage or LED lighting that you can place around a pool or along a walking path to add a certain drama after dusk.

Take these 5 tips and start creating the modern garden of your dreams. Keep in mind that no matter what you add to your garden make sure it’s something that is absolutely YOU. Don’t pick items just because they look modern, pick them because they are a modern version of you – and you will never go wrong!