How To Build An Outdoor Stove

An outdoor stove can be one of the most versatile cooking must-haves in your house. You can use it in many different ways such as for smoking, grilling, cooking and baking your food.

The great thing about outdoor stoves is that you can actually build one by yourself. With the right materials, a well thought out design, and some welding skills, you can easily create an outdoor stove for multi-purpose cooking.

Here are some easy steps you need to know when building an outdoor stove.

  1. Build your outdoor stove in stages

Use only a few hours at a time while building your outdoor stove as you go from one stage to the next. You may even need a few days between certain steps during the building process.

  1. Check the building codes in your area

Before you start building your outdoor stove, it may be a safe option to check first the local building codes. If your project involves building a wood fired stove, you can expect it to generate smoke. Make sure that your outdoor stove is constructed in a place that’s far away from your neighbors’ windows as well as the trees.

  1. Consider certain elements such as the height and roof in building

Ideally, you can build your outdoor stove to a comfortable height that comes with a concrete countertop space found on each side. Add a roof in order to protect your stove against the elements. Concrete blocks can be covered with tiles for aesthetic purposes. Apart from the tiles, you can also paint the blocks or apply stucco over them.

  1. Remember to build your firebox using a proper size

When fireboxes are properly sized, they tend to heat up quickly, stay hotter longer, produce less smoke and have improved combustion feature. Choose and measure bread pans, canners, and baking dishes for optimum use of the firebox. Identify the right length of time that you need in order to reach a desired baking temperature. Grilling is a lot quicker since you can begin in less than half an hour.

  1. Weld all the joints of your fire box on both sides

Remove all slag prior to water testing which is the most important part of the construction phase. Remember to practice enough patience while you perform all water-testing phases. If the firebox exhibits a water leak, its life will be severely shortened. Likewise, water that leaks from the water jacket to the outside can also be annoying. 

  1. Build a concrete foundation for your future outdoor stove

Install a brick wall in the rear part of a concrete platform. You can do this by positioning the bricks on a shiner. Lay them down on the long narrow side in order to build the wall more quickly as well as to save on materials.

  1. Build the ashtray and install an ash door

This compartment is where the ash will fall down after the woods have burned out. Make sure that the ash door is firmly fixed. Use a mortar to fix the ash door.