How To Build An Outdoor Aquarium

An outdoor aquarium is one of the best things you can have in the garden or backyard in order to give your home environment a more relaxing appeal. While it is true that you can easily buy a pre-made aquarium at a number of stores, it may be wiser to build your own, and eventually save yourself from spending thousands of dollars.

With the right equipment and proper guidelines, you can easily create a beautiful and fully-functioning aquarium at a cost that’s absolutely within your budget. Simply follow the guidelines below on how you can build an outdoor aquarium on your own.

Choose the aquarium’s location

Put your aquarium at a place where you believe it will add beauty to your current surroundings. Make sure that it is placed away from direct sunlight. Remember to also keep it away from vibrations and drafts to ensure healthy conditions for the fish.

Consider the temperature

Bear in mind that building an outdoor aquarium will expose the latter to temperature conditions which will vary depending on your location. From the very beginning, you should be able to assess whether an outdoor aquarium will be a year-round endeavor or one that will only be in existence during the warmer months of the year. In other words, you have the responsibility to take the fish inside your house once the temperature drops down! If you live in a warmer climate, you can enjoy it year-round, so long as you ensure that the water is moving to avoid freezing. You can also use a heater which you can install in the aquarium. Otherwise, choose a fish type that can tolerate cooler water.

Use the right equipment

You can choose either glass or acrylic as the type of tank material for your outdoor aquarium. Determine the aquarium size according to fish quantity and availability of materials and space. Add a filter system to your aquarium in order to give the fish ample aeration. Other equipment you may need include a timer, LED lighting, ultraviolet sterilizer and water pump.

Set up and decorate the tank

First, check your tank for any possible leaks. Next, add gravel and fill the tank with de-chlorinated water at mid-level. Then, install the filter system and heater which should help in keeping the water the right temperature. Strategically put the thermometer at a location where you can easily read it in order to control the temperature.

When everything else is in place, you can now add decorations inside your outdoor aquarium! These can range from rocks, ornaments, colored marbles, shells and even plants. You can also add a nice photo at the rear side of the aquarium to make it look more interesting.

Completely fill the aquarium with de-chlorinated water

Now that you have successfully decorated your aquarium, you can start filling it to the top. You can also turn on the heater and water filter after you have checked that both are functioning well. Lastly, add your new fish-friends and enjoy!

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Photo credit: Woohomes