Historical Gardens: Newport Inspired Garden Decor

There are many different locations in the world that feature some of the most well known gardens and waterfalls. Newport, Rhode Island is one of those places, where the pages of The Great Gatsby come to life before you. Amid all of the splendor of those spacious properties, most people overlook the specific garden decor.

The Newport Collection

Newport, RI has always been very well known as one of the go to escapes for the wealthy. Some of the wealthiest families of the 20th century such as the Vanderbilts and the Astors built Summer Cottages. These cottages were not necessarily what you may think of as “cottages”, but rather gorgeous mansions built upon a beautiful serene setting. In addition to these mansions, there were gorgeous gardens abound.  Whether you have visited these gardens or have always admired them from publication like magazines or on the web, we have a way to bring them right into your very own home garden.

With the partnership of Campania International, a U.S. cast stone manufacturer, and the Newport Country Preservation Society, we bring to your a selection of products created after the beautiful historical pieces found in Newport, Rhode Island. These 11 pieces can fit into any outdoor garden decor, and some of them can even be brought indoors. The first selection of products from this new collection is containers. From smaller sized containers, to larger magnificent containers, the Newport Mansions Collection can showcase your favorite flowers or greens!  To see all plant-able pieces within the Newport Mansions Collection, visit our website HERE.

Newport Garden Decor
Rosecliff Planter

A Variety of Pieces

If you desire a very large, stately piece, the Rosecliff Planter is definitely the choice for you. With beautiful decorative elements around the entire planter, the Rosecliff is a beautiful choice for homes, or even businesses. If you have limited space, consider a small, decorative element like the Swan Planter.  A beautiful combination of a decorative statue and a planter, the Swan would look wonderful placed at a driveway entry or even backyard patio.

If you are searching for more of a statue, the Newport Mansions Collection does include a few select statue elements.

Newport Garden Decor
Newport Rabbits

The Newport Rabbits are a beautiful choice for flanking any space. These adorable little rabbits will be loved by anyone who sees them! If you are looking for a more whimsical element, consider the Newport Garden Elves.  Place these little guys can be among your flowering plants for an element of surprise, or anywhere that seems to just be missing something.

Adding a historical element to your outdoor garden decor is a wonderful way to bring any space alive.  Be sure to check out our collection and add a piece of history to your home today!
By: Susan Soler of the Garden-Fountains.com Team